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Web Development

When creating and improving websites, increasing functionality and editing of files, if designers need inspiration, Soft32 has lots of incredibly useful web development software. The most popular and recommended web design tools will allow designers to accomplish projects much more smoothly, and the selection is worth bookmarking to return to when attempting to overcome a challenge. Developers are always on the lookout for the next big thing and a brief look through the available downloads might reveal the very tool that they are looking for.

The road to effective design begins with the Adobe, and whether looking to produce pages for desktop, smartphones, tablets or other devices, Macromedia Dreamweaver’s multiscreen preview panel allows developers to design different styles. Easy to use, with tutorials for beginners, the web development tool lets you design, develop and maintain a variety of websites and applications.

An increasingly competitive web means sites with better features and content are likely to have the edge on their competitors, and Macromedia Flash 8 is the flash tool of choice for content authoring, allowing precise control while building web pages of increasing complexity. Designs and animation for jazzed-up sites are enabled by this speciality software, and Macromedia Flash MX helps extend your reach by creating animated interfaces at a professional level. Full instruction is provided to get the basics under your belt before moving onto more advanced programming that will help users get the best out of their interactive online content.

Web development on Windows is given a boost with the dedicated WampServer download, allowing creation of web applications for a real world environment via Windows with Apache2, MySQL and PHP, the four technologies lending their initials to the product (WAMP). For developers, this saves having to configure all four when coding. The download features automatic installation and intuitive usage.

Once your content is online, there are site management tools to help it remain visible. No-IP DUC (Dynamic Update Client) is a free download that determines your current dynamic internet IP address from the web’s perspective. Any changes to IP will be flagged and updated. Updating multiple hosts related to your account mean that you are always visible, as your server is given an easily-remembered name rather than a long and variable IP address. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve professional development skills, Soft32 takes the best of new downloads and scans them for malware before distribution, allowing one-click downloads across a great range of useful tools.