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The popularity of video streaming channels has, in many respects, eclipsed TV. Far evolved from the dial-up days when trying to watch video was a hit-and-miss business, increased remote access through a variety of devices means a vast choice of options depending on subject matter or interest, and the most popular video streaming website have seen a huge increase in viewing figures. For those viewing and posting content, there is also a great choice of video software available. As an increasing number of viewers turn to video streaming such as YouTube as their portal of choice for watching and posting home-generated content, posts are becoming increasingly professional due to the availability of editing software.

Editing video files to include extra details such as fade effects or subtitles no longer requires a studio editing suite; preview your video with VideoSpirit Pro Editor, and then join it with other clips once your effects are complete. Soft32’s free video editing software allows you to try some great software for free and see the amazing effects on your video files.

For advanced real-time preview of your video files, and DVD authoring, Adobe’s long-standing Premiere Pro continues to set the standard for functional video editing. Ideal for professionals or laptop-based users seeking to develop their skills in video production and editing, the suite includes audio tools to compliment your video production.

For those who wish to take advantage of great radio and TV content online – listen and remotely watch tv on computer from a list of thousands of digital stations, free download Readon TV Movie Radio Player will receive literally thousands of channels and maintain super reception while browsing other windows. What’s more it offers a video recording facility in many different formats. Supporting conversion of files from one format to another, or repairing damaged files, multifunctional media and video converter Format Factory will convert anything from DVD to MP4 mobile files to any functional format.

In the past, the post-production and sequencing of clips for specialist productions such as training videos used to be the job of professional companies, but sharing useful training materials can now be achieved in-house with Camtasia, using flexible recording to mix video with spoken word voiceovers, tutorials and PowerPoint presentations, for professional results. Camtasia also allows you to share the completed content with channels such as YouTube.

Soft32 is your first choice for sourcing TV and media players, and all popular video software downloads for Windows. All submissions are checked for viruses and other malware before release, to ensure 100% dependability.