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System Utilities

System utilities are the core functions that are delivered with your computer, or downloaded whenever new additions are needed. There are many useful system utilities that can be downloaded for little or no charge. Many can be very beneficial as they allow you to keep your computer up to date and maintained. Utilities range from anti-virus software or backup and recovery, to updates for operating systems, CD/DVD tools, and hard drive diagnostic tools. System utilities can be useful for keeping performance up to date, and are available as collective downloads for the major operating systems, or as individual downloads for specific purposes.

Archive and file managers like Partition Magic allow the virtual division of the hard drive into several smaller divisions, although this is not a physical separation it is an easy-to-install feature for resizing and merging data, without destroying any pre-existing data on the disk. For larger files WinZip is the best system utilities download for the compression and backup of larger files, making it easy to send these to other devices without compatibility problems. For users looking to send and receive large files of information this file compression software is the ideal solution.

Critical updates for Windows 7 now come in the form of a single Service Pack (SP1). The system utilities of your computer can now be updated in one go, and the SP1 will enhance previous security, performance and stability settings for Windows 7.

Updates for system utilities are not just limited to PCs- LG’s PC Suite Editor allows synchronisation of data between an LG phone and a PC allowing effective backup of data and phonebook information, as soon as you plug the phone into the computer. This is an essential precaution in the event of a lost or damaged phone but also permits easier interaction and sharing of information, as well as downloads of music and videos to your phone. Many other mobile phone manufacturers will surely copy these useful mobile phone tools.

The venerable Windows XP operating system has now been superseded by Windows Vista but a dedicated utility pack in the form of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 will keep its functionality up to date for those who still use XP as their default, to shore it up against evolving threats and offer better management of critical features. For improved protection while using Internet Explorer this should be at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

Soft32 takes the stress out of choosing from the best new software update releases. Daily picks are checked for spyware and viruses, making it easy and safe to download a selection of the most popular. Soft32 makes it easy to discover new utilities and reinforce older systems to keep them performing.