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Desktop Management

Any Windows application can be enhanced using desktop management software. Whether customising your computer for personal use or equipping an office, there are applications to help personalise your desktop. From add-ons to apply transparency to a window, to virtual ants – there are also lots of fun things to liven up your desktop. A brief glance at the Desktop Management section will reveal many categories of useful applications – from clocks to shell & desktop management, to customised windows folders, shortcuts and free desktop wallpaper. Your computer desktop will look smarter and more organised, and more importantly more functional.

A smart and easily navigable desktop will get the working day off to a flying start. Download screensavers if you are looking to add your own personal style and with hundreds of designs available it is not hard to find something that is both functional and attractive. Animated 3D designs and contemporary art are just some of the options to give an original slant to your computer while on standby.

On a daily basis, the most useful application is the free desktop clock download which will enhance any desktop. An essential addition to the screen, fully compatible with different Windows editions, these include custom alarms for appointments and are available in a variety of different styles - and best of all are compatible with any pre-Vista operating system. World time zones are not a problem for sales calls as these will be calculated instantly. Doing business with the Middle East? A Hijri Shamsi Calendar Gadget will allow quick adjustments between Gregorian and Islamic calendar systems, vital for agreeing on delivery dates that might not otherwise coincide.

Desktop themes and icons can also improve appearance and functionality. Fans can customise their own desktop with the Windows 7 Android Theme, featuring custom wallpapers and icons. Using a theme such as Vista Inspirat BricoPack Ultimate is a great update fix- if you are running an older version of Windows you can use software to update its appearance and give your desktop all the functionality of Windows Vista. For Mac fans, the Snow Transformation Pack 1.5 will provide the same effect for Windows Vista, making it appear like a Mac operating system.

Shell & desktop management software from Soft32 will help to transform your user interface. A sleek and functional desktop is the ideal of many workers, and Style XP can customise your desktop to make it resemble a Mac, and apply custom skins, and graphics. It works by patching your operating system to accept ‘foreign’ styles, and allows full customisation with comparatively little drain on system resources, and can be uninstalled easily.

Customising your working environment also means integrating some of the best real-world ideas in a digital format. Digital desktop stickers replicate those easily-misplaced yellow notes but in digital format, to be applied to your screen. Unlike real sticky labels you can change the placement, size and font.  TransBar allows you to make your task bar partially transparent, improving coordination of crowded screens on older systems and helping you find your work quicker.

Why choose Soft32? Individual submissions from software developers come in daily and are checked for viruses and made available for download. All desktop management software on has been tested to ensure it is 100% free from spyware, viruses and other malware. Daily software picks span all areas of interest and compatibility, from mobiles to Windows and Mac. Honest feedback, pros and cons, and user reviews will help in choosing popular software that’s right for you.