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Applications to help maximise individual and team productivity, alongside a wide variety of useful business management software can be found here. Whether desktop or cloud hosted, the adoption of software across different departments can prove to be a challenge. Business software downloads offer individual consumers quick and easy-to-use solutions. If you are looking to expand the range of tools to improve your working environment then there is sure to be something within Soft32 for you.

Hot picks for business management software include Microsoft Office 2010 – an industry standard suite which fulfils a wide variety of requirements, for both professional and home use. Extending the previous suite with extended file format support and a better user experience, popular MS Office programs such as Excel are now more accessible. Microsoft addins allow customisation and help give Office even more functionality.

Analysis and statistics offer great potential for businesses and, the main benefit of these is to help drive efficiency by identifying which customers are likely to turn into lucrative accounts, and which are unlikely to deliver.  IBM SPSS Statistics will also assess the dynamics which connect customers with the trends they follow, providing managers with vital intelligence to outsmart the competition. An initial download is free and can allow managers to explore the range of predictive options that this software can provide, allowing them to plan sales drives more effectively.

For every level of career development, there is no shortage of useful business software applications, such as the Word to PDF Convertor - for supercharging an existing Office suite by converting Word documents of all formats (2000-2010) to an easily accessible PDF in just a few clicks, without disrupting the readability of the original file. Last-minute adjustment of text and cropping of images can now be achieved in minutes, with complete compatibility. The file conversion software also allows the exchange of small details, a variety of fonts and automatic spelling correction, which all contribute to a more professional document.

Busy people can take advantage of multi-platform software designed to reduce stress and save time. Choosing Personal Information Managers such as Evernote allows users to keep all of their information in one place, with projects, photos and useful information all archived for future use. Business software applications have rarely been more logical – note taking and archiving of text and photos in folders for easy storage. Handwriting recognition, voice notes and mobile compatibility make Evernote the information management software of choice.

Why choose Soft32? Individual submissions from software developers come in daily and are checked for viruses and made available for download. All software on has been tested to ensure it is 100% free from spyware, viruses and other malware. Daily software picks span all areas of interest and compatibility, from mobiles to Windows and Mac. Honest feedback, pros and cons, and user reviews will help you to choose the right software.