hl_icon2Get a handle on your source code and see what’s what with this handy Windows coding tool.

I’ve been in the software development biz for quite some time now, and the crafting of source code in many ways is just that – a craft or an art. Over the years, the best way I’ve learned to do that is to have a special app to help write and highlight certain syntax. This is probably the biggest reason why I’m interested in apps like Highlight. It’s a source code development app for Windows.

Highlight converts source code, like HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, TeX, SVG, BBCode and terminal escape sequences to code with colored syntax highlighting. Language definitions and color themes are customizable. The app was designed to offer a flexible but easy way to use syntax highlighting for several output formats. Instead of hardcoding syntax or coloring information, all relevant data is stored in configuration scripts. These scripts may be altered or enhanced with plug-ins.


Highlight is a decent code editor, offering a way to highlight code to make it easy for coders to identify specific blocks of code by functionality – or color – with just a quick glance. This is especially helpful if you have to look for different loops or segments of code within a specific file when debugging or modifying or enhancing existing code.

This is great for programmers and testers; but won’t see much use outside of the development lifecycle type.


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Sigil the e-book publisher

Nowadays writing a novel demands your artistic skills, and some basic electronic equipment to type its content. But there is always a financial problem when it comes to publishing your product. The easiest way is to digitally publish your book with the help of an online distributor (ex.: Lulu) which requires no additional fees in case your book meets all the requirements.

The main problem with such services is that they require you to have your finished work edited in EPUB format. In case you have used other formats (.doc or .pdf., etc) you can pay a fee in order to have your novel transcribed into this format. But what if you can do this all by yourself without paying anything.

Sigil is an open-source application that can perform this operation for free. With a WYSIWYG interface and a XHTML Code View module, this application offers basic formatting control that ensures your product to work properly on any device will be viewed. This means that operations like formatting text or importing images are easy tasks to be performed by any user.

Sigil is available as a release candidate version for Windows, Mac and Linux users and the owner is ready to pass the project to any other volunteer. For more info visit http://sigildev.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-maintainer-needed.html.

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