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Over time, almost all computers begin to start slowing down. And is not that we’re doing something wrong, is just that we don’t do anything to prevent that… And when things become frustrating, you call a friend to reinstall your OS and to make it as new again. It is known that reinstalling the OS takes time, and the software that you use the most, also need to be reinstalled and reconfigured, and that is also stealing your precious time.

Well, I used to do that as well, with the exception that I didn’t call a friend, and I did it quite often, at least once at 3 months. But now, I have windows running fast and stable for more than 3 years.

Why? Because I took care of it! Easy and fast! And that’s what SuperEasy2 does!

SuperEasy2 finds hidden errors, optimize your start-up, clean the windows registry, delete hidden temporary files in order to help you to regain your free disk space, remove internet traces, manage services, optimize system database, defragment your hard drives, etc, and all of these, very fast and very easy!

My windows keeps telling me I am running out of space on disk C:\, and I deleted all the temporary files, I cleaned up all my desktop, all my files, and I still was short in disk space! And I tried to Regain disk space with SuperEasy2, and bang! More than 4GB of free disk space appeared all of a sudden! And now, anytime I have a low disk problem, I just let superEasy2 to gain some disk space for me!

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Keep your registry clean and running at peak performance with this awesome Windows utility

Your Windows registry IS your computer. The cleaner it is, the more powerful your computer.  When you install computer programs, installation routines make registry modifications in support of the application.  The problem with software is that it needs your registry in order to function.

If you install and uninstall a lot of software like we do, at some point you’re going to need to deal with a dirty registry. Many software removal routines often fail to clean or remove all of the registry modifications they made during program installation.  As a result, many computer users can often trace poor computer performance back to a registry that has erroneous and/or orphaned registry keys in it.

Registry Drill is a powerful registry utility that can scan your registry for erroneous or orphaned registry keys and remove them.  Registry Drill has 50 different tools to analyze and fix Registry problems.

Read the full review | Download Registry Drill

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