Use Fast Link Checker Lite to check broken links of any Website

When it comes to the quality of a website, there are many factors that count. Some might say content, others – back-linking, relevance, keywords and so on. To be honest, we cannot know for sure which are really the most important factors search engines consider while giving a page rank/score to web page. But, we know for sure that the quality of the links matters. It’s clear that broken links have a very bad impact on visitors, but they also harm your search engine rankings. A tool that will become very handy when it comes to website maintenance is Fast Link Checker Lite. Read full review Download Fast Link Checker Lite

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Time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 6

The browser with the longest period of life lives its latest days. Microsoft wants to let go Internet Explorer 6 therefore they have begun a campaign by launching a “death clock” on Their goal is to drop down the IE 6 usage to less than 1% worldwide. In addition to this, Microsoft also offers to site developers an embedded banner for their sites to inform their users who use IE6, that this browser lacks support for modern web standards.

This is not the first time Microsoft tried to stop the official usage of IE6. Back in 2009 they have started a similar campaign to make the developers stop using IE6. After the first campaign, Microsoft realized that the total population still using IE6 was around 27%.

info source from  betanews

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Restrict the amount of time your child spends on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or else

If you’re concerned your child spend too much time when you’re away from home on websites such as YouTube or Facebook, and you would like to use a time-limiting software to set the time of day when they can use those websites (or for how long), Internet Security Controller is what you’re going to like. This program is very easy to configure, it’s free and can be also used to restrict the time spent by employees or any other person on a specified computer.

Read the full review of Internet Security Controller|download Internet Security Controller

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Ten Hot Tips for Utilizing Facebook and Twitter to Boost Company Images on the Web in Business

In an interview taken by Business Review Australia Nicole Smith of Blue Fish Social Media offers ten tips on how to make the most of the cheapest, fastest and most effective advertising available—social media.

While concentrating on Facebook and Twitter, Smith says it’s imperative to be authentic when sharing with your audience. “Make sure you share information in a way that shows you’re a human. Humor is a wonderful tool here! People want to get to know you, so a layered approach of business and personal content is good,” she says in the article.

As an experienced director of a marketing group, Smith believes that the convergence of social media has become the norm and will continue to be so. “Make life easy for yourself—link everything! If you have a blog, make sure each post automatically goes to Facebook and Twitter as well. This saves you time and brings people back to your website,” she says.

Read the full article

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