What To Do If You Drop Your Mobile Phone In Water

Here is what to do if you drop your mobile phone in water:

– remove the battery as soon as you can;
– use toilet paper to soak the outside water;
– remove the SIM and uncover the phone as much as you can;
– dry the phone with a hair dryer (first the battery panel, LCD screen, keypad area);
– put your phone in a bag of rice for 3-4 days (make sure it’s completely covered);
– attach the battery and try turning it on.

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Things to do if your laptop was exposed to water

Things to do if your laptop was exposed to water (or other liquid):
1. Remove the A/C adapter and the battery immediately.
2. Turn the laptop upside down to stop the liquid flowing deeper.
3. Use paper towels to clean up the parts you can get to.
4. If you spilled anything besides water (wine, coffee,etc), you should take apart your laptop and clean it (or ask the service guy).
5. Leave your laptop to dry for 48 hours.

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