Filedrop – Transfer files to and from nodes on your home network

Transfer files to and from nodes on your home network with this cool Windows system utility.

filedrop1Moving files between storage nodes on your home network isn’t always easy. Some may be Macs. Some may be Windows machines. Some may be varying differences of the same OS. Sometimes these differences create problems making it difficult for you to use standard file copying difficult or impractical. Some or most of these issues can now be bypassed with Filedrop. It’s a multiplatform file transfer tool that also runs on Windows.

Filedrop is an app for sending files between devices on a local network. Its really easy to use. All you have to do is launch Filedrop on any two devices on your network. After that you can drag and drop files between them.

Filedrop is designed to allow file transfers between any kind of device, to and from any platform, and as easy as handing someone next to you, a pen, pencil, or any kind of object. If you need to send a file from your Mac to a Windows laptop, you can do it without any extra settings or insuring that you’re using the correct drive format or transfer protocols. Simply launch Filedrop on both computers and drag and drop files between them.

FD-04There are many times when you’re stuck for a way to get a file from one PC to another. If you have a USB stick, you can often sneaker-net, or copy the file to an intermediary device, walk the copy to another computer and then copy it from the intermediary device to the target computer. If you don’t have a USB stick, sometimes, you can’t even do that. With Filedrop, you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi sub-stick. You can copy files to your phone and it will appears in the Downloads section. When you get to the other computer, all you need to do is filedrop it from your phone to the target PC. Its really kind of cool.

You can also use Filedrop to stream files from your phone opt your PC. If you have photos and want to view them on your monitor or laptop screen, all you have to do is select the photos you want to show. Then tap on the Stream button and your photos will appear on a the target screen. You can do the same thing with other multimedia content like music and video.

Filedrop is a pretty cool little app. Its free, and allows you to move data between one networked object to another. It works with Mac, Windows and iOS devices, and support is planned for both Android and Windows Phone, though both of those are still in the works.

Streaming features are new, and while streaming music works, streaming video, while technically possible, didn’t work for me. You’ll also need to watch your battery life while streaming content, as it could be eaten up quickly. This is a decent app. You should really give it a shot and keep an eye out for both Android and Windows Phone clients, as they are certain to make file transfer woes disappear.

A word of caution, however – Filedrop is an Adobe Air application. It had a great deal of trouble running via Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac. I’m not certain if that was a Coherence issue or something else. The app’s display flashed a great deal, and lost connectivity when my iPhone slept.

download Filedrop

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Transfer music and video files from iPod and iPhone with Ease

Have you had a problem with your computer or hard drive, lost all your music, then connected your iPod to your computer, hoping you could do a two-way transfer? Unfortunately, when you do that iTunes won’t let you copy your previous music library to your computer. That’s where Sharepod comes in. With Sharepod, you can copy music you have stored on your iPod to your computer with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can arrange by track, by album or by playlist.

Sharepod is a simple, single-executable application that doesn’t need installing. So whether you are at home or a friend’s, it is easy to download, open and have your iPod connected within seconds. As well as iPod to PC sharing, Sharepod allows you to copy music from your PC to iPod without the need for iTunes. This is a great if you have multiple computers and want to use your iPod with all of them, instead of connecting your mp3 player to just one device.

Sharepod is a great freeware application for transferring music from your iPod to other computers and back again. If you have multiple computers in your home network or want to share music with friends, there is no simpler way to do it than with Sharepod. Sharepod fixes the universal problem iPod users have when trying to connect their device to secondary computers.

Download Sharepod

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CopyTrans Suite – a set of apps to replace iTunes and manage your iPod or iPhone

One of the most annoying features of the Apple iPod is that it can only be connected to one computer at any one given time. This isn’t useful if you have multiple computers on your network, in your house or at work, with different audio collections that you own. Likewise, if you are going to get a new computer and want to scrap the old one, you can’t just connect your iPod to the new computer and transfer that audio over.

CopyTrans Suite, an iPod utility, fixes all of these problems. With CopyTrans Suite you can back up, copy, recover and, simply, transfer music from your iPod to your computer. CopyTrans Suite is compatible with your iPod, Photo, Mini, Shuffle, Nano, Video, Touch and iPhone, so this even works if you are upgrading from your old iPod but want to keep some of those older songs that you no longer have.

CopyTrans Suite is a fantastic application for people with multiple iPods, multiple computers or multiple audio collections. Instead of having segregated music collections, you can now unify them together to give you all of your music, all of the time, wherever you go. CopyTrans Suite also acts as a fantastic backup utility, so that even if your computer crashes, you can restore your entire iPod library to your computer easily.

Read full review | Download CopyTrans

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NetBalancer gives your the proper priority to your internet activities

Even in today’s world of high speed internet and wide pipes, prioritizing and monitoring what takes up the bulk of that personal bandwidth can be important.  If you have large files that you need to transfer quickly then pulling back incidental network traffic can be important. If you have small things that you’d rather move in front of that large file transfer, throttling the large transfer in favor of the low hanging fruit may provide the win.  That’s why I like NetBalancer. It’s a network utility for Windows.

NetBalancer allows you to browse and complete any internet activity easily, even when transferring huge files from one end point to another.  All you need to do is lower their network priority with NetBalancer. You can use NetBalancer to set network transfer rate priorities for any application, and monitor that traffic.

Applications with a higher network priority will gain more traffic bandwidth than those with a lower one. You can set download and upload speed limits for a process. You can manage priorities and limits for each network adaptor (wired vs. wireLESS, for example).  In short, you can define detailed network traffic rules.  You can group local network computers together, and synchronize and balance their network traffic.

The app provides a volume of information, including a system tray monitor and graphical representation of both traffic coming in and out of your adapters. While the free version is limited, the paid version is reasonably priced and depending on the amount of bandwidth you consume every month, may be well worth the purchase price.

read full review | download NetBalancer

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Transfer your files and settings with Windows Easy Transfer when switching to a new PC

If you’re switching to a new PC, there is probably no better way to transfer your files, email, pictures, and settings than using Windows Easy Transfer. The redesigned version (which is also integrated in Windows 7) is to be more reliable and more helpful.

It now includes a file explorer so you can easily choose exactly which files to copy to your new PC. And if Windows finds a file or setting it can’t work with, your transfer won’t hang up—it will finish and give you a full report of anything that didn’t migrate. Moreover, the program allows you to transfer your data using an Easy Transfer Cable, removable media, or across a network.

The best way to find out how can you use Windows Easy Transfer is by watching the video below…

Note: If your old PC isn’t running Windows 7, download one of the appropriate version of Windows Easy Transfer for your OS:

For Windows XP: download 32-bit | download 64-bit

For Windows Vista: download 32-bit | download 64-bit

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Backup your profile games with GameSave Manager

Perhaps you have been a victim of file corruption which also victimized your gamesaves?
Maybe you just wished to transfer your gamesave(s) to your new machine, or send them to a friend of yours?

With GameSave Manager, you can easily backup, restore and transfer your gamesave(s).
No longer do you need to manually track through all of the those different directories to backup/restore/transfer your gamesaves. That’s because GameSave Manager supports 778 games in its own database. It will automatically scan your computer for game profiles based on this database and the results with the correspondent files from your hard drive.

With GameSave Manager you can also share gamesave progress with friends/family and format frequently your computer without the fear of losing it. List of features follows:

  • 100% FREE
    No catch, no adware, no spyware… Just 100% free.
  • No dependances
    GameSave Manager doesn’t need things like .NET Framework installed to run.
  • Attractive yet easy to use GUI
    The GUI (Graphical User Interface) was designed around navigation and ease of use. Ontop of that, it looks quite pretty.
  • Built-in Update Checker
    Completely optional: Check for Program (and Database) updates upon Program Startup.
  • Regular Database Updates
    The “Officially Supported Games” database is forever growing, thus it’s always being updated.
    This database is based upon the community’s feedback.
  • FTP Support
    Automatically upload your backups to your own private FTP Server upon their creation.
  • 7-Zip Support
    Enable 7-Zip support for theorecticaly shorter backup times.
  • Backup Validation
    Checks if the specified Backup Archive can be restored without issue by running tests and caching each gamesave.
    This feature runs by default upon a Backup Archive being created.
  • DropBox Support
    Automatically backup your gamesaves to your “DropBox Sync Directory”, allowing you to store your backups effortlessly in your DropBox Account.
  • Sync & Link
    Move your gamesaves to your “DropBox Sync Directory”, while creating Symbolic Links in their original place allowing for true “on-the-cloud” gamesaves.
    Haven’t got DropBox? Then move your gamesaves to one directory on your system for easier access.
    Running Windows XP? Then NTFS Junctions will be used.
  • Scheduled Tasks
    Setup automated backups to run at whatever day / time you wish.
  • Custom Gamesave Entries
    Got a game that’s not supported? Simply add them yourself via “Custom Gamesave Entries”.
  • Steam Spreader
    Got an SSD? Running out of space on your Steam Partition?
    Use “Steam Spreader” to move entire Steam-purchased games onto other partitions and drives (on a per game basis) while creating Symbolic Links to their new locations, allowing you to get the max out of your SSD with your favourite game(s).
    Running Windows XP? Then NTFS Junctions will be used instead.
  • Dynamic Restoring
    GameSave Manager dynamically detects restore paths, allowing you to restore gamesaves on your PC even if you’ve installed the games in a different directory / drive than before.
  • Transfer gamesaves
    Quickly and easily share gamesaves with friends and family.
  • Highly Customisable
    Loads of Program Settings you can adjust, allowing you to configure GameSave Manager to your own specific needs.
  • Seperate Archives
    Optionally create seperate Backup Archives for each gamesave selected.
  • Backup upon change
    Only create a new backup when/if the gamesave has been modified since the last backup (only works with “Create separate archives”).

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4media launches the new iPad Max Platinum for Mac

4Media Corporation released 4media iPad Max Platinum for Mac. This Mac iPad manager software supports transfer music/movies/photos/books between iPad and Mac, copy iPod media files to iTune for backup, rip CD/DVD discs to quality iPad music and movies, convert and transfer incompatible video/audio files to iPad.

4Media iPad Max Platinum for Mac is your best choice to manage iPad in a general and convenient way. With this best Max for iPad for Mac, you can transfer and share music/movies/photos/books between iPad and Mac/iTunes without restrictions, enjoy a variety of video/audio files and DVDs/CDs anywhere, download fantastic videos from top online video websites and convert to iPad videos, create personalized iPhone ringtones with any audio/video you like. Convert video to iPad, rip DVD to iPad, share files among all idevice.

Support connecting multiple devices simultaneously can easily transfer files between different devices including all iPad/iPod/iPhone models. With innate enhancement for file transferring and multimedia file conversion, 4Media iPad Max Platinum for Mac can give you the fastest transferring speed and the best picture quality in conversion experience.

Pricing and Availability
4media iPad Magic Platinum for Mac is available directly from website for $69.99. Full system requirements and more information on iPad Magic Platinum for Mac can be found at

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Send files at the fastest speed without worrying about size, broken downloads or the issue of failed transfers

I was recently trying to send a large file over the Internet to a friend when I discovered that a simple task that should be piece of cake can become sometimes a real headache. I’m not necessarily talking about slow file transfers (via my instant messaging client), I’m talking about the issue of failed transfers. Thankfully, while searching for a solution, I came across a great program called HTF – HTTP File Server.

You can find out more by reading the full review of HFS or downloading HFS.

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