Top 5 Most Downloaded Programs on the Internet

Top 5 most downloaded programs on the internet (in the past 10 years)
1. ICQ – most popular instant messenger since its first launch in 1997
2. Winamp – one of the most popular free audio player with huge popularity
3. Napster – the first peer-to-peer file-sharing software
4. Firefox – the first browser that kicked IE’s bu…tt 🙂
5. WinZip – compression tool; lost popularity due to the Win XP built-in ZIP support

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Top 5 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know

These are the Top 5 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know:
Ctrl + C – copy the highlighted text or selected item
Ctrl + V – paste the text or object that’s in the clipboard
Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y – Undo any change / re-do the undo
Ctrl + F – open the ‘Find’ in program (eg. in internet browser to find text on the current page)
Alt + Tab – quickly switch between open programs

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