WindowMenuPlus will upgrade your system window menu

Moo0 WindowMenuPlus is a free tool that lets you have extra useful menus in every system window menu. All you have to do is to install this tool and right-click on any window’s title bar or taskbar button (works only for Vista and XP). Extra menus such as “Keep on Top”, “Transparency Adjustment”, “Process Priority Adjustment”, “Various Information about the Program” will appear in every system window menu.

Not only that you can have additional useful menus for each installed application on you system , but you can also configure which menus should appear or not. With WindowMenuPlus you can also kill or set new process priorities, keep on top any application’s window or set its transparency, and even acquire additional program information that might be useful to diagnose it. You can also set WindowMenuPlus to open the program’s folder with a single click.

In Windows 7, Aero Snap allows the user to automatically re-size any window to half the desktop’s space while dragging it to the left or to the right screen extremity. This feature has been extended by WindowMenuPlus through additional re-size or maximize operations.

Being a free tool, WindowMenuPlus is not very polished, therefore some basic functions are missing. For instance, the program does not work with applications that don’t use standard window’s menu bar and loses all the settings when it is closed.

download Moo0 WindowMenuPlus

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