Scan and manage all of your hard copy documents with Nuance Paper Port

Anyone with a lot of paper documentation or photos needs a scanner. If you have a scanner, then you no doubt have taken a look at the software that came with it and have found it wanting.  Scanners today are very affordable.  The biggest problem with scanners isn’t the hardware; it’s the software that goes with it. This is why I like Nuance PaperPort Pro. It’s a complete document and photograph scanning solution for Windows.

Most everyone that’s scanned a document has bumped into the strong likelihood that it didn’t come out exactly the way you wanted, requiring you to re-scan it. More than likely, the scan needed some kind of enhancement that your scanner simply doesn’t provide. PaperPort Professional gives you SET (Scanner Enhancement Technology) Tools to correct your scans.

PaperPort also provides a complete end-to-end document solution for scanning, converting, organizing, assembling and sharing your documents. PaperPort Professional goes further than other solutions by organizing all of your scanned documents and photos as large, clear thumbnail images on its desktop. This allows you to quickly find the files you’re looking for based not only on their name but also by their type and appearance.

PaperPort Professional is an awesome application.  Unfortunately, it’s expensive.  I also had a great deal of trouble locating a demo version to try before you buy.  The software can do a great deal, and its features will be a huge value-add for those with a lot of paper they want to scan and shred.  Unfortunately, its price point makes it impractical to simply purchase without a demo version.

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YouTube will get a new look

As part of their major changes in terms of usability and look for all their products, Google launched a new public project. Cosmic Panda is their new vision of YouTube’s interface, a design that gives a much clearer perspective of its content.

Being based on video content, YouTube service will receive a much more fluid and visually detailed design including enlarged video thumbnails with 16:9 aspect ration. The content of your channel or the related playlist will feature larger pictures for any video compared to the tiny thumbnails present now, and the comments field can be hidden and replaced anytime by the suggested list of videos.

A welcome change will be also made for the background color. Instead of the polar white that works but somehow forces your eye especially when you watch darker video clips, you will get a dark grey background that will reduce the eye strain. Another important change will be the fact that you can change the dimension of the screen by browsing different size boxes. It’s a very intuitive way of controlling your watching experience.

Playlists will become an important feature of the service, achieving their goal of being more social. You will get a visual representation for each of your playlist and a timeline where you can order or re-order its content and even the option to loop them if you want.

Overall the new design for YouTube service is already welcomed by many users and in the end it seems the final version will be mostly unchanged to what now the project Cosmic Panda has to offer.

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