TED Notepad is the advanced replacement for the basic Notepad

Notepad has always been a useful tool in manipulating texts, but its reliability was always over-passed by its lack of features. In case you need a free replacement for this basic text editor, TED Notepad is the one. With almost 312 text-processing functions, innovative features and timesaving tools all wrapped in a simple light-weight interface this app is nothing else but the Swiss knife for any casual user or even programmer.

Every feature can be activated by hotkeys; all designed for quick advanced editing. Features like Line numbers, Multi-level undo, Regular expressions, Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac file types support,  two advanced searches, indentation, word auto-complete, enhanced clipboarding (supports up to 9 clipboards at the same time), extensive statistics, optional favourites menu, case conversions, characters translating, quoting and enclosing lines, reversing (words, lines), unique lines and duplicates counting, have their own hotkey for instant access.

The filters architecture for user plugins and console applications brings TED Notepad to a new level of customization compared to the basic Notepad. For experienced users, the command-line is a necessary tool for advanced control and manipulation. The application can be set to stay on top or go to system tray, save window placement or change to customizable dual font.

TED Notepad is extremely light-weight and portable. It fits on any USB flash disk and loads instantly with no installation required.

download TED Notepad

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Close all Windows with a single click

Too many windows opened at the same time will overcrowd your desktop and in the end your PC will start to stutter thanks to its loss of hardware resources. To recover from this situation, you have to start close all the unnecessary windows until you reach the optimum state of functionality.

But you can overpass this manual procedure by installing a little utility that will help you in closing all windows. Close all Windows is a small program, which resides in the system tray and can be activated by a simple click or by a fast hotkey. By just a single click on it, the utility will close all the opened windows, bringing your system to its initial state.

But what if you still need some apps to run? Close all Windows can be customized to close only the windows that you want. All you have to do is to enter the wanted programs in the block-list. From no one, all the apps in the block-list will be skipped by the utility.

Besides its main function, Close all Windows can also clean your clipboard from unwanted formats in your text. A very useful feature especially when you copy a text from an Microsoft Office document into a HTML editor.

Text-Hotkeys is another useful feature that lets you predefine texts and use them very fast in case you need them repeatedly in a context. You can define up to 28 Text-Hotkeys with your own text.

read full review | download Close all Windows

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TypeMate is the ideal tool for anyone who has to carry out repetitive typing

Exile Software today announced the release of TypeMate – a tool designed to make repetitive typing a thing of the past.

TypeMate is a typing expander for PCs running Microsoft Windows, which makes typing a breeze by converting shortcut keystrokes into full phrases or sentences.

TypeMate works with almost any Windows application that can accept text input, including Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

In addition, TypeMate is also able to provide suggestions to complete the word that the user is currently typing, and is supplied with both US and UK English dictionaries containing over 110,000 words.

Andy Laird, founder of Exile Software: “As a software developer in the sports photographic industry for over 10 years, I have frequently encountered situations where I’ve needed to do a lot of repetitive typing. TypeMate has been created to solve just this type of problem. I hope that TypeMate makes repetitive typing tasks a thing of the past for all of our customers.”

TypeMate is available for purchase from Soft32 website, at www.soft32.com from just $39.95 for a single-user license. An evaluation version of the software is also available for free download.

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Tiny SpellChecker is a universal spell checker

A minimal application with strong usability and extreme focus, this is what Tiny SpellChecker is. Its title explains the nature of this program/utility that provides an additional backup in terms of spell checking. With its invisible (non existent) interface, Tiny SpellChecker delivers an audio notification whenever you’ve typed a misspelled word. It can check your spelling in any text editing application based on its own built-in dictionary which can be English, Spanish, German, Russian and French.

read full review download Tiny SpellChecker

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