Securely store payment information and purchase items on line with Dashlane

eCommerce is something that’s been around for quite some time. Buying online is relatively simple – you browse, you compare, you read reviews, and then you click this, click that, enter account information, log-in, determine which credit or debit account you want to use, then enter in all those numbers, enter your expiration date and then hunt for the CVV numbers. OY! Paying and checking out takes three to four times as long as the actual shopping.  That’s why I like Dashlane. It’s a multiplatform eCommerce tool that makes buying stuff online very easy.

Dashlane puts you in the express lane no matter where you buy online.  With it, you can buy in seconds and save all your purchases.  Dashlane allows you to login anywhere and fill in forms in a flash.  The app saves your IDs, addresses, payment info, notes and passwords securely.  It allows you to access all of this important data whenever, wherever you need it; and no one – not even Dashlane – will be able to see your personal data.

More than an online shopping tool, Dashlane allows you to store addresses, phone numbers, passports, credit card info, and more in a secure vault encrypted locally on your computer, and sync them between multiple devices. All the data you enter and all the actions you take on Dashlane are entirely private, and accessible only to you – not even we can see your personal information.

Dashlane is a really cool idea. I like that it takes the best of electronic wallet apps and couples it with online purchasing, giving you the ability to securely purchase stuff without having to reenter all of your credit card information every single time you want to buy something. The fact that it allows you to sync info to your mobile devices as well as across browsers and computers (like your home and office computers) makes it a very compelling solution.  The premium version gets you access to a couple of other features, but aside from support, and future features that may or may not be released or made available in your monthly or annual subscription period, it doesn’t buy you much.

This shouldn’t keep you from registering the app, though.  Dashlane is amazing. You get a lot from this app for free.  Supporting the dev team will help insure that the app continues to get support and will work for quite a while.

download Dashlane

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How to Backup your files easily to a second locations with Microsoft SyncToy

Download and install Microsoft SyncToy. You can get it from here. SyncToy requires Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 which you can get from here in case you don’t have it already installed.

Open it and click on “Create New Folder Pair” to begin backing up your files and folders to a second location (to a flash drive or any other storage devices).You’ll see a right folder and a left folder, each with their own browse button. The left folder is the source location and the right folder is the backup location.

Click on the right”Browse” button and locate the file or folder that you want to back up and then click on the left “Browse” button to locate the folder where you want to backup your files and folder (click on the “Make New Folder” button to create a backup folder in case you need so).

Select one of the back-up options (I recommend echo), name the folder pair (you can have more then one so give a suggestive name to each pair to recognize them easier later).

Note: Echo is actually a one-way sync – looks for changes in the left folder and makes them in the right folder.

Click on “Finish” to complete the backup process. Repeat these steps for all the folders you want to back up. When you are done, you can run a preview, or just run the back up. First time it will take longer (especially if you backup on a USB flash drive) but it will be much faster next time you backup your files and folders.

Download link for SyncToy v2.1.

Download link for Microsoft Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.

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