Age of Empires Online

Two day ago Microsoft Studios released Age of Empires Online. Created as the next chapter in the best-selling Age of Empires PC game franchise, the game features two of the greatest ancient civilizations–the Greeks and Egyptians–and offers more than 40 hours of gameplay for free!

The game starts with your small village that needs to be built in order to face the challenges of a huge world. Your progress through the game depends on how you can manage to collect resources, build structures, arm your forces, and how will you develop new technology. If you can master all these you will be able to grow your civilization from a small village to a huge empire in order to conquer the world.

In the beginning there are some basic quests to go through that will teach new players the basics of this game. But as you will progress, the gameplay becomes more interesting because of the social side of it. You are free to chat with other players, trade with them and even send your armies to attack them.

Microsoft kept the RTS gameplay that made Age of Empires franchise so popular. The player has to build mighty empires, manage resources, earn rewards, and battle his way into rich new worlds full of lively villagers, epic warriors, and historically-themed architecture. It’s like the whole classic gameplay concept has been improved in order to deliver awesome moments in an online environment.

Most of the features are offered for free, but if you want to accelerate your expansion and become a respected ruler you can buy Premium Content Packs (not necessarily at a reasonable price) which include new civilizations, booster packs, new game modes and campaigns.

download Age of Empires Online

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A Strategy Game with Light and Sound: Neonim


Neonim is a game of strategy in which players take turns zapping light balls randomly arranged on the screen. The game unfolds horizontally and vertically, and the secret to winning is to exercise your brain by reading your opponents’ tactics.

Nim is a mathematical game in which players take turns removing objects, such as coins or stones, from discrete piles. It is said to have originated in ancient China.

Neonim was developed based on the game of Nim. Players take turns zapping balls of light, and the player to zap the final light ball loses.

The simple structure of the game lets anyone enjoy it – but the secret is to use your brains to develop clever tactics. The CPU can be configured in three difficulty levels. While single play is fun and challenging, up to four players can play at the same time, so the greatest enjoyment comes at large get-togethers, such as parties and family gatherings.

The iPad’s intuitive operation and the sound and light display when a player zaps a ball provide for hours of enjoyment with your friends!

App Store

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SEO PowerSuite has become one of the 10 top-selling products on Plimus

A set of SEO tools by – SEO PowerSuite – became one of the 10 top-selling products of 2010 on Plimus, a popular e-business platform for digital goods.

A Plimus Award is granted each year to top-selling products. This year SEO PowerSuite – one of the most user-popular and trusted SEO software goods – was recognized one of the 10 top-selling products among over 100,000 items marketed on Plimus by 5,000 sellers. Distributed directly and through an ever-growing affiliate network, in 2010 SEO PowerSuite expanded its geography to 153 countries, doubling the number of its unique users.

SEO PowerSuite is feature-rich SEO software with user-friendly interface. It’s a connect-the-dots way to the top of search engine results. The software guides you all along the optimization process helping you find the right keywords, build links to your website and make sure they stay in place, find out the SEO strategies of your competitors, optimize your content and more.

For more details check SEO Powersuite on

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iPhone – Galcon app Review

First time I encountered this game was on Mac OS X platform. Back then, there weren’t iPhones or many “touchscreen” – based games. But these days your smart-phone is your portable PC.

Galcon on Mac OS X review

Full Galcon iPhone App Review

First of all : free or paid – both (free to try and shareware); Orientation support – in the menu NO, in the game YES; iPhone app category : Game – Strategy

This game will give you quick and intense dose of planetary domination.
At first you will have to chose your skill level, even in the “free to try” mode you have 10 levels of difficulty to chose. For the basic low, you will have a brief basic gameplay tutorial.

The action takes place in space, where you find only planets. The objective is to conquer those planets using tiny ships (arrows). Each planet can produce ships. The bigger the planet, more ships will be made for you to use.

You will be green and the opponent (aka your iPhone) will be orange.
Using your finger you control one planet ships, you can also select more planets or double-tap to select all planets for a bigger army. Also you can select different teams once deployed of ship and redirect them. The game supports multitouch. All your planets (and your opponent in easier difficulty settings) will have a number, that number indicates the available ships.

The ships won’t attack each other. They attack only the planets, so you need to have a good strategy against your enemies.

One single game is pure strategy and should be over in just a few minutes (or seconds). For now, there are no ads inside the app, so you can relax and enjoy the game without the fear of “ads”. If you want more modes to play and different ships and galaxies you’ll have to go full game (not just demo).

If I could describe in a few short words this game : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci” of strategy iPhone apps.

Pluses: Addictive , quick and easy to learn, pure strategy.

Drawbacks / flaws: expensive to buy full, no landscape mode in menu.

In conclusion: Addictive, simple, easy.

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The Gaming Report – Because Too Much Work Will Kill You Without a Respawn Timer

So Games32 is not going to be updated for a while (I hope it will be sometimes in the future…), but I figured there has to be a way to keep my favorite two readers tuned to the gaming industry pulse. Given the considerable less amount of time I have available to spent on this now, I can’t of course make any promises on what or when I will cover gaming stuff. If you however have any request please feel free to comment. I’ll read and try to oblige…

Yes, there will be new games, upcoming cool games, but I would also like to add once in a while some retro games that I feel so connected with because I grew up with them, and they grew up on me.

So today, instead of looking at the future, will take a quick look back at the past, with the world’s first Real Time Strategy game ever (okay there were previous RTS games, but this is considered the landmark)! Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think Starcraft, Warcraft, Command and Conquer. Yes, Westwood Studios who developed this game was comprised of members who later worked on the above projects. And those are only a few titles worth mentioning. Here: Dark Reign and Total Annihilation – totally Dune inspired as well.

The game was released in 1992 and later ported to consoles in 1993. It featured three factions: the noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos and the evil Harkonnen as they were presented to the player. Each had unique technology and weapons, it featured the familiar building sidebar and the minimap – commodities we all grew accustomed to.

In Dune 2 you could only control one unit at the time, so the game really felt like chess on steroids, making you work for your victory not only with your mind, but also with your keys. The added hassle of the Sandworms ready to swallow up just about anyone made this game really dynamic.

But what has gotten into me you ask – that has me babbling about an 18 year old game?! As usual, it is one of the new technologies. I was actually searching the other day for more meaningful, cooler games for my Android phone. I don’t want to shoot things and I’m not particularly enjoying driving cars on it – so the first things that popped into mind where Dune 2 and Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

I’ve searched the web for both, with various results, but still haven’t been able to run a version on my phone. Again, if you have any help in this matter, it would be gratefully appreciated. But meanwhile, here’s what I found:

Dune II: The Golden Path – A multiplayer oriented Dune 2 mod:

Dune II – The Maker – Probably the closest copy of the game you can find:

Dune Legacy – Decent mod but you will need the original game files copied with this:

Although every game mentioned above is trying to bring back the feeling I had while playing Dune 2, my experience with them doesn’t compere to the original. I would really love to just see the original working well on Windows 7, and maybe on my phone – that would be just awesome. But hey if you have nothing better to do these days and want to give an ol’ man a chance, give Dune 2 a shot.

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