Keep inquiring minds away from your sensitive files with SafeHouse File Encryption

Keeping your data safe is one of the most important things that you can do, especially when it comes to financial or other private information. Finding an affordable encryption tool isn’t always easy, either. This is one of the main reasons we like SafeHouse File Encryption Personal Edition.

In an age where internet surfing and social networking are natural, everyday occurrences having a way to keep malware, Trojans and other viruses off of your machines isn’t always easy.

At some point, most everyone will have one kind of data breach or another affect them. If your files aren’t protected, your information may be out there for everyone to see and steal. SafeHouse Personal Edition keeps this from happening.

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Encrypt your sensitive data with the bullet-proof 512-bit Rijndael encryption method (as the US Government)

It’s inevitable that sooner or later some sensitive data of yours will be at risk. Who knows, maybe your laptop gets stolen or your memory stick ends up from your pocket in someones hands. One thing is clear, the more portable your data is, the more your data will be at risk. What can we do about this is to encrypt our sensitive data. A dead easy way to do this is by using a program which I recently discovered called Chiave File Encryption.

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