Broadcast yourself with SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster allows you to create an instant online radio station. Download it, and you are instantly able to create, broadcast and record radio shows. It works well for bedroom DJs wanting to get their sounds out there, whether just to their friends or to a wider audience It has a vast array of features which are designed to turn any home PC into a radio station. And it does it well. It includes the ability to beat match music tracks and fade them in and out. You can preview tracks before you air them, and queue them up as you go. You can integrate SAM with the media library on your PC, and even allow your listeners to see what you’re playing and make requests from your library. You can even try and make some money by allowing listeners to click through to Amazon to buy the tracks you’re playing.

SAM broadcaster allows anyone to fulfill their radio DJ dreams. It really is a pretty remarkable piece of software, and entirely usable by beginners. It will automate what you need it to, and allow you to tinker with those things you don’t. Those with some familiarity with beat-matching will find it easier to use, but anyone with the patience to learn could pick it up and broadcast.

download SAM Broadcaster

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With Galaxy S II Samsung is one generation ahead of Apple

Reports indicate that Samsung has sold 3 mil. Galaxy S II smartphones worldwide in just 55 days. This achievement is a major threat for Apple’s popular smartphone market share. Not necessarily because of the record selling number, but because of its hardware configuration which is already ahead of iPhone with one generation at least.

Technically this is what Galaxy S II offers:

4.27-inch Super AMOLED display with 800 x 480 resolution; dual-core Samsung processor; 8-megapixel rear-facing and 2-megapixel front-facing cameras; Android 2.3 (Gingerbread); 1080p video recording; Bluetooth 3.0+HS; and HSPA+ network support, etc.

With its latest product Samsung is following a three-mobile operating strategy that will lead to a broader range of clients compared to the exclusively single operating system strategy present in iPhone. There is no wonder that with a wider support from the American carriers, this smartphone can definitely become the hit of this year. But with so many bloggers and journalists truly dedicated to the iPhone, a stronger PR session is required from Samsung to win the American market.


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