File Grinder – batch file renaming, based on file name templates and multiple file format meta-tags

If you’re anything like me, then you like your music files to be properly named. However, this means to listen to every single song to correct their names which is definitely a tiresome process that personally, I prefer to avoid. Well, this doesn’t mean that we’ll never have our music nicely named, we’ll just do it the easy way – using File Grinder. A similar scenario which requires lots of clicking and typing is when it comes to properly naming your pictures and the list of “what is File Grinder good for” goes on.

File Grinder is basically a tool for batch renaming, copying, and moving files. However, what makes it very useful to me, comparative with other tools with this purpose, is not the batch functionality, but more likely the ability to rename the files based on file templates and format meta-tags (e.g. the MP3 files).

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