Remove “Shortcut” text from new created shortcuts in Windows XP, Vista and Seven

It’s annoyance for many users (including myself) that the “Shortcut” text is added to the name of any newly created shortcuts and you have to manually edit them to remove that text. Well, there is a easy registry hack that when you create a new shortcut to a program, the annoying text won’t appear anymore. Let’s see how we do that:

– open up the Registry Editor through the start menu search box (search for ‘regedit’)

– browse down to the following registry key:


– on the right-hand side you should find a key called ‘link’ with the value: 1b 00 00 00

– open this key up (and change the ‘1b’ to ’00’ instead; you should have now ‘with 00 00 00 00’
– restart the computer or log off -log in and you’re done, any newly created shortcut will be without the “Shortcut” text

Note: This will affect only the shortcuts that you create from now on.

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