The Enigma Protector

The Enigma Protector is powerful tool that was designed for complex protection of program modules. Program modules include following types of objects:

  • Windows 32 and 64 bits Portable Executable files (*.exe);
  • Windows Screen saver files (*.scr);
  • Dynamic Link Libraries (*.dll);
  • ActiveX control files (*.ocx);
  • .NET executables (*.exe).

When we say “protection” we mean realization of two major ideas. First one is integration of “try before you buy” conception support system into the program module. Second one is protection of machine code of program module from analysis and cracking. As can be seen, the protection is realized in different, but nevertheless greatly interrelated aspects, which are protection of developer economic interests and technical protection of the program product.

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The Enigma Protector has advanced scheme of registration keys generation:

  • Comfortable interface for creating and verifying of registration keys. You do not need to search any safe decisions how to generate registration keys for customers. The Enigma Protector helps you to create keys with very safe algorithm like RSA up to 4096-bits key length!
  • Special Enigma API. Enigma API is the set of special functions to make communication between protected program module and the Enigma loader. It gives access to full information about registration keys, current trial parameters and so on.
  • Hardware locking of registration keys. This perfect feature helps you to generate registration keys for particular computer only! The registration key generated with the hardware lock function enabled will works only on one PC you have chose.
  • Time limited registration keys. If you need to limit time of usage of registered version of module, just create time limited registration key!
  • Registration dialog designer. Allows to customize registration dialog that is shown at the module startup!

The Enigma Protector includes few unique tools for managing of licenses:

  • License Manager serves for storing of licenses generated for the registered users. Once you generate a registration key you can simply add this information into internal database. License Manager provides you to create/edit licenses and customers records.
  • Mailer serves for automatically generate and send emails to the users that are stored in the database. For any software developer is the common thing to send notification emails to the registered users (for example, if the newest version of the software has been realized or new registration scheme has been implemented), Mailer provides you very simple way automatically generate and send emails.

The Enigma Protector has wide range of features to limit time of module usage:

  • Executions, days, date, time limitations. The main conception of shareware is “try before you buy”. The customer should see how the application works and what features it has. Let’s show these features but do not forget to limit usage time to increase motivation to buy application.
  • System clock control. This feature is used to control system clock reversing. It helps you to avoid not honest customers.

The Enigma Protector has a lot of features to make your software resistant to cracking:

  • Anti-debugger tricks. Debuggers are the special tools that allow to reverse source machine codes of executed module. All reverse engineers use these tool to understand how your module works or how the protection of module works. Using of this feature helps to avoid simultaneous execution of protected module with debug tools.
  • Control sum checking. Control sum is a special data which helps to understand is the data region modified or not. Every crack (e.g. removing of protection) needs to modify some of machine code region, The Enigma Protector is able to check is the sources modified and if it is then make alert. The Enigma Protector checks not only machine codes of protected module but the own sources too!
  • Set startup password. Sometimes you need to limit count of users which are using protected module to particular group. Using of startup password feature is the most safe decision.
  • External files checkup. Allows to check version and (or) attributes and (or) hash (checksum) and or date of external files.
  • Processes checkup. Allows to set a list of dangerous tools that could not simultaneously work with protected module (this feature can help to do not execute protected module if sceencaptures tools, or any monitors or debuggers are running).
  • Virtualization tools checkup. Allows to stop execution if the protected module is running under Virtual Machine like VMWare, Virtual PC or etc.
  • Here are also checkups of Installed services and Windows version.
  • Additional features. They checks up number of simultaneous executed copies of protected module, file name of module, disk type on which module is executed.
  • Hard modifications of import table of executable. Nobody will know what import libraries uses your module.

The Enigma Protector has features to help programmer to add beautiful things into existing module without writing any additional sources strings:

  • Splash screen. Adds splash screen to module startup. Choose your own picture to show it while module is starting.

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