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For the layman or the expert, picking out new computer peripherals can be difficult. Prices, sizes, power consumption, and more all come into account. It can seem impossible to choose. Pikimal is an online decision engine that can help.
Pikimal has created several peripheral Pikis (think of them like Wikis for picking) that allows you to easily find equipment that perfectly fits your needs, such as “best monitor for being green” or “best mouse for gaming.” If there’s no template that matches your needs, you can adjust the importance of each element that makes up a peripheral. Find the right size, best durability and all the prices listed in a single, easy-to-navigate source. Instead of spending hours online researching, now a person can quickly build a list of choices that fits their needs perfectly.
Pikimal was created to help users make the difficult choices in their lives. People want to make informed decisions, but the effort of educating oneself on all topics is overwhelming. That’s where Pikis come in. Thanks to Pikimal, you don’t need to be a breeder to know the right dog for your family or a ski expert to know the perfect resort for your weekend get-away. Finding the best products for your lifestyle or the solution to difficult online choices has become painless thanks to the power of Pikimal.
As an example visit Pikimal’s computer monitors Piki here:

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