Firefox 4 beats IE9 in usage share

According to NetApplications, Firefox 4 usage share increased twice compared to Internet Explorer 9 in half the time. As of March 26, IE 9 usage share was 1.78 percent in 12 days. By comparison, Firefox 4 had 3.64 percent usage share in just 5 days.

In the first day of release, Firefox 4 recorded a number of 6 million downloads compared Internet Explorer 9 record of only 2.35 million downloads. In February, before these two major releases, the usage share on the web browsers market was like these:

IE usage share was 56.77 percent, according to NetApplications. By comparison, Firefox usage was 21.74 percent. Chrome recorded 10.93 percent usage share in February and Safari: 6.36 percent up from.

In conclusion, both web-browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) are still on top covering the majority of the market.

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