No pop-ups and interruptions with BitDefender Internet Security 2012

Silence is golden, the old cliche says, and that’s certainly the selling point of BitDefender. It’s designed to offer a wide variety of security measures that operate without the user needing to pay much attention to what’s going on.

The real beauty of the application is that you don’t need to make decisions. It scans potential threats in the background and deals with them as necessary. It’s not completely “silent” as it does use pop-up notifications to tell you when it’s encountered a threat and what action it took.

Such a set-up would be relatively useless if the system either let genuine threats through, or created a lot of false positives. Fortunately its reference database is generally good quality: indeed, it’s been licensed to several other security software applications.

There are some additional features such as online back-up, anti-spam tools and parental controls. These are something of a mixed bag and should be seen more as a bonus than a primary reason to buy.

There will be people for whom BitDefender isn’t a best buy, but that’s more about the person than the software. If you want to have extensive control over what your security software checks and how, this may not be ideal. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra work to make the best use of free alternatives, the purchase price may be offputting. If, however, you are happy to pay to get peace of mind, this is one of the more reliable options out there.

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