Monitor network devices and services with NetGong

Nearly everyone with internet access today has their own network.  If you’ve got more than one computer hooked into a cable/DSL router at your house, you’ve got a home network. Many with a home network often share printers, share drive space and other devices. This is why I like NetGong. It’s a networking tool for Windows.

NetGong is a powerful, personal network monitoring tool. It allows users to tailor it to their particular area of responsibility, from a single server to a small-office LAN to hundreds of devices within a large corporate network. Corporate network managers can use NetGong to distribute responsibility among IS staffers and complement existing network management systems. Small businesses can employ NetGong for monitoring critical e-mail and Web servers.

Keeping your network resources up and running isn’t always easy. Having the right kind of monitoring tool is important to keeping running at peak efficiency. If things do go wrong, you’ll get the appropriate notifications.  This way, you’ll be able to get the right repair action done as quickly as possible.

In a home network environment, knowing if a shared printer or NAS is going bad is important.  Getting notification of the failure allows you to plan out the replacement cost so it doesn’t negatively impact your home budget.

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Play LAN games through Internet with Tunngle

Let’s face it. Gaming is a lot more fun when you play with people you like. Not every networkable game supports gaming across the internet, though. This is one of the reasons why I like Tunngle. It’s a network gaming utility for Windows.

Tunngle makes multiplayer games enjoyable, regardless of your location. Tunngle is a P2P VPN gaming client, enabling LAN party mode via the Internet. Any game with a built-in LAN mode, whether old or new, can be played over the internet through Tunngle.

In order to accomplish its magic, Tunngle installs a VPN driver. The driver is included with the app. There isn’t a separate executable for this. The VPN driver is required for use with the Tunngle network. The app also requires you to create a free network account in order to access its resources.

The app’s main display has active networks on the left hand side, as well as under the Community tab. Tunngle comes with a number of these already active, of course. A double click can get you going. For users who know the games they are looking for, searching for an active game is easy.

The app also supports Calendar Dates The integrated event calendar helps you find and remind you of scheduled game. The app’s Network settings and optics adjustments can be found under the System tab. Here you can configure options for your network router, as well audio settings and the app’s general look and feel.

Download Tunngle

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How to find the IP address of your computer

An IP Address is an unique address that computers (and other devices such as printers, smartphones) use to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the Internet.

Each time you connect to the Internet you may be assigned a different IP address, or you may always have the same IP address.

Well, in some situations it is helpful to know what your IP address is. For example, when someone wants to access your computer remotely, your might need to tell him/her your IP address. Below I’ll show you an easy way to find out your IP address.

– Click Windows Start, and then select All Programs

– Click Accessories, and then Command Prompt

– At the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig” (without the quotes and press Enter)

The IP address (or IPv4 address –  if you are using Windows 7 / Vista) will be a series of numbers following the pattern: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (i.e.,

Note: This method will show you the internal IP address of your computer and works if you’re using Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000. To find out your external IP address, you can use a website such as This website will show you the external IP address of your computer.

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ES File Explorer for Android

In my epic search to find the most awesome file browser for an Android device, I’ve stumbled upon many programs. But after a couple of weeks of trying most stuff out there, it is in ES File Explorer that I found peace of mind. At least of now…

But why makes it so special? Well, besides regular file operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.; multiple file select; and managing your SD card as well as your internal phone memory structure (with limitations if your phone is not rooted of course), EStrongs offers a bunch of handful tools that really help you with your day to day phone operations.

ES can access local shares inside your network via wireless simplifying interactions between your PC and phone by a lot! No need for cables anymore when transferring files and you can do it anywhere in the range of your WLAN.

In the latest version ES also offers Bluetooth and FTP access, making transfers between devices as easy as you would use a regular network.

Also included are a zip viewer/extractor, a video/audio player, an image and text viewer, and a bunch of on-demand downloadable plugins like Task Manager, Security Manager, Bookmark Manager and more.

ES File Explorer can be found here (official website) or on the app marketplace.

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