Upgrade to a bigger hard drive with the help of PC Disk Clone

Sometimes the PC is willing but the hard drive is week. In many computer upgrade situations, when you move from one operating system to the next, it’s often also a good idea to upgrade your hard drive. While you can always start from scratch with a clean install, recovering your data and your programs is often a long, difficult process. This is where PC Image Clone comes in handy. It’s the right hard drive tool for the right job.

PC Disk Clone is a Windows application that makes it easy to back up a hard drive or one of its partitions to another disk drive.

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Keep all your data safe and secure with this professional backup utility – NovaBACKUP Professional

Keeping your data intact in the face of disaster isn’t always easy. Having a backup is important, and keeping your data safe is exactly what NovaBackup Professional does, and it does it without a lot of worry. Let’s see if it’s the right backup solution for you.

NovaBackup automatically backups and protects your important computer files such as photos, images, personal files, business files, and system information. It’s easy to setup, and uses simple to follow step-by-step wizards.

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Keep your data safe and secure with Backup4all Lite

Preparing for a rainy day is never easy. When the sun is shining, no one ever thinks of backing up their data, just in case things go south. However, when the clouds do go black and the rain does come, having a backup can make cleaning up after the storm all the easier.
Backing up your data in the past has never been easy; and it’s always been a chore that either gets neglected or requires you to stop what you’re doing while the backup runs – never a convenient or power friendly operation. Thankfully, Backup4All Lite takes the burden out of the chore and makes preserving your data easier.

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EASEUS Partition Manager – free all-in-one magic partition solution and disk management utility

Storage. You can’t have enough storage. If you have a desktop PC, and you’re internal storage doesn’t equal 1TB or more, then you really need to take a look at your local, discount computer store, and pick a drive or two up. Disk drives are cheap right now.
However, after you get it home, how do you manage it? How do you work with it? How do you make the most of it? EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition is a free hard drive partitioning utility that has all of those answers.

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