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ic-garmin-expressGarmin is one of the biggest names in consumer navigational devices. The company provides geo-location data for motor vehicles, sports (like golf, running and biking) as well as hiking, geocaching and hunting. If you have a Garmin device, then you need to check out Garmin Express. It’s a cool way to manage and update your Garmin powered device and its available for Mac and Windows.

Garmin Express is an essential tool for managing all of your Garmin devices. You can update maps, golf courses and most importantly, device software. You can also register your device. Further, the app will back up, restore and transfer favorites to and from your device. You can also use it to install free voices and vehicles as well as download product manuals for those times when you’re stuck.


Setting up your Garmin device is a one-time setup; and its very simple. Just connect your device to the computer. Express will save its information so you’ll always know when updates are available, even when you don’t have the application open, or when your device isn’t connected to the computer.

Garmin Express is a dedicated utility that works with nearly every Garmin device out there. If you can connect it to your computer, then Express can manage it. The application is simple and easy to use, and really simplifies working with Garmin devices. If you have a Garmin device, Garmin Express is something that you’re really going to love using.

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Google Maps v5.7 for Android allows you to download map areas for offline use

One of the most important feature that the latest version of Google Maps (v5.7) for Android brings is the support for offline maps. This feature allows you to save map tiles in a 10-mile radius around regions of your choice without an active internet connection.

This is of course very useful for Android users with a limited data plan or those who’re planning a trip in a place without an active internet connection. Beauty lies in the fact that you can save as many locations as you want – you are limited only to the amount of date space on your smartphone.

Well, the feature has been included as part of the experimental features.

To enable this feature you’ll have to turn it on by hitting Android’s menu button, selecting “More” and then choosing “Labs”. Touch “Download map area”, then hit the Back button.

To save a map area, just long-press in the area you want, press the arrow on the sign that pops up and choose “Download map area”. That’s it, Google Maps will then download the map in a 10-mile radius around that point.

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