Take big screen excitement anywhere with video eyeglasses

We all love the feeling of high quality, big screen TV. Movies seem better and video games more exciting. But even if mobile gadgets  have made it possible to take high quality videos wherever you are, unfortunately, the small screen can’t give you the excitement of a real big screen TV.  Well, recently I discovered a line of video eyeglasses which emulates the experience of viewing a movie (or playing a game) on the big screen…

Available in 3 versions, the Wrap 230, the Wrap 280 and the Wrap 920, these video eyeglasses are compatible with most portable video devices including iPods, iPhones, DVD players, media players, gaming systems and mobile phones with video out.

Moreover, thanks to superior battery technology, they’re able to run for up to 6 hours on each charge.


For more information, please take a look here.

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A more simplistic approach to what people might consider as a tablet device

Tablet devices have recently flooded the market with quite a number of choices. But generally, most of them offer the same function and features, with only the price point being the only debatable issue for some people. But then again, there are other tablet devices like the new NoteSlate that try to offer a more simplistic approach what people might consider as a tablet device.

The new NoteSlate looks more like an e-book reader than a tablet. In fact, it may be a device that may be the middle ground between the two devices. The NoteSlate is primarily designed for basic note taking. This becomes a useful device for those people who have the habit of taking down notes all of the time. Its monochrome display adds to its simplistic and barebones features. The screen interface interacts with a pencil and eraser, making notes editable just like the usual note taking.

But what makes note taking on the NoteSlate more convenient is that the notes can be stored and organized for later review. They can also easily be shared via the tablet’s SD card and USB input. The NoteSlate may just appeal due to its simplicity. It is currently being planned for production. NoteSlate expects to come up with the device to cost around US$99.

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Several Windows 7 Gadgets

A short but interesting post about a few (cool) Windows 7 gadgets:
Alarm Clock
Language Translator (auto translate in 43 languages)
Launch Control (an application launcher)

Try them and tell us your opinion.

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