ES File Explorer for Android

In my epic search to find the most awesome file browser for an Android device, I’ve stumbled upon many programs. But after a couple of weeks of trying most stuff out there, it is in ES File Explorer that I found peace of mind. At least of now…

But why makes it so special? Well, besides regular file operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.; multiple file select; and managing your SD card as well as your internal phone memory structure (with limitations if your phone is not rooted of course), EStrongs offers a bunch of handful tools that really help you with your day to day phone operations.

ES can access local shares inside your network via wireless simplifying interactions between your PC and phone by a lot! No need for cables anymore when transferring files and you can do it anywhere in the range of your WLAN.

In the latest version ES also offers Bluetooth and FTP access, making transfers between devices as easy as you would use a regular network.

Also included are a zip viewer/extractor, a video/audio player, an image and text viewer, and a bunch of on-demand downloadable plugins like Task Manager, Security Manager, Bookmark Manager and more.

ES File Explorer can be found here (official website) or on the app marketplace.

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