Mozilla Firefox 5 is now officially available for download

Surprisingly, Firefox 5 comes just a little over three months of it previous version Firefox 4. This due to the new Mozilla model rapid release development cycle, which means smaller incremental changes and more often releases, bringing new features, performance enhancements, security updates and stability improvements in a more rapid pace.

As you can see, Firefox 5 looks exactly like Firefox 4 but under the hood, there are several improvements such as better support for web standards, tons of bug fixes and other modification in the code.

Actually, Mozilla said that Firefox 5 comes with over 1,000 improvements and performance enchantments that makes much easier for users to interact with the web browser.

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Firefox 4 beats IE9 in usage share

According to NetApplications, Firefox 4 usage share increased twice compared to Internet Explorer 9 in half the time. As of March 26, IE 9 usage share was 1.78 percent in 12 days. By comparison, Firefox 4 had 3.64 percent usage share in just 5 days.

In the first day of release, Firefox 4 recorded a number of 6 million downloads compared Internet Explorer 9 record of only 2.35 million downloads. In February, before these two major releases, the usage share on the web browsers market was like these:

IE usage share was 56.77 percent, according to NetApplications. By comparison, Firefox usage was 21.74 percent. Chrome recorded 10.93 percent usage share in February and Safari: 6.36 percent up from.

In conclusion, both web-browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) are still on top covering the majority of the market.

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Mozilla Firefox 4.0

Three years have passed since the release of Firefox 3, three years of conquer, placing Mozilla’s web browser as the second most widely used browser. With approximately 30% of worldwide usage, Firefox follows the all time winner Internet Explorer. The release of Firefox 4 marks the end of a successful era, and the beginning of a new war against its major competitor Internet Explorer 9. Probably as a response to last week’s major release from Microsoft, Mozilla decided to reveal faster than expected its new web browser. Therefore Firefox 4 is now available for download and ready to be used by user’s worldwide.

read full review | download Mozilla Firefox 4.0

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