Use SwiFTP FTP Server to connect your Android-powered phone to computer and transfer your files fast and easy between them (throught Wireless)

First of all, download with your phone SwiFTP from Market (by search for ‘SwiFTP’) and install it. Launch it and then enter the login details (Username and Password) and then start the server. You’ll get an IP to connect to with your computer.

On the computer, right click on My Computer and select Add a Network Location. Typ in “ftp://username:password@ip:port/sdcard” (without “…”) and then name it “MyAndroidPhone”.

E.g., ftp://Soft32:1234@” – where Soft32 represents the username and 1234 the password; is the IP and 2121 the port.

Pay attention when you enter the username and password because they are case-sensitive and must be exactly the same as on the phone.

After this, you’re done! Hit the shorcut in Windows Explorer to get straight to your sdcard without having to enter username and password each time.

You can also enter simple just the ftp (e.g., ftp://ip:2121/) and you'll haYou can also enter simple just the ftp (e.g., ftp://ip:2121/) and you'll ha

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