The Gaming Report – Because Reznov is Dead

Or is he dead? That’s what the in-game code says, not me!

Yes, it’s the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops. And sorry for end game spoilers if you’ve come this far, but hey, I’m not revealing too much. Neither does the Easter Egg, but you have to admit it is actually cool that someone thought of this.

Here’s how you do it in case you are too anxious to watch the whole video and too lazy to scroll through: At the beginning of each singleplayer mission, just as you take control of your character mission objectives will appear in the corner of your screen. But along with those, a military term followed by a code will appear. Look for things like Tango, Delta, Charlie, etc.

Note down these and the numbers. At the end of the game you should have a big list. Now pick the initial letter of each term. Consider X as space. You will have “Reznov is Dead”. Now the numbers: each number is a letter of the alphabet, just start counting…

Well you get the idea, you go ahead and have fun now. I myself should play more Black Ops, I’ve barely seen the game since it was released… After all… There’s a soldier in all of us, right? I love this video. 🙂

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