BioShock Infinite wins 75 E3 2011 editorial honors

BioShock Infinite, the next installment in the  BioShock series developed by Irrational Games, has earned 75 E3 2011 editorial awards, including 39 “Game of Show” awards.

In addition to these honors, the press had high praise for what they saw of the game at E3 2011:

E! Online called  BioShock Infinite “simply gorgeous, the best looking game at E3,” while USA Today said  BioShock Infinite was “The most talked-about game at E3.” The New York Times wrote, “In narrative depth and intellectual ambition,  Infinite appeared to be the top of the class at E3.”

“At this year’s E3, members of the Irrational team were honored to see the amazing games our industry friends and colleagues are producing. And we are thrilled that the gaming media selected  BioShock Infinite as a standout title at the show,” said Ken Levine (@iglevine), creative director and president of Irrational Games.

If you don’t believe it, check out the two minutes E3 2011 trailer that showcases these honors:

In addition to the many independent editorial awards,  BioShock Infinite also earned the industry’s most coveted E3 honor, the Game Critics Awards’ “Game of Show.” This marks another significant win for a title developed by Irrational Games, as the original  BioShock was awarded the Game Critics Awards’ “Best Action/Adventure Game” honor in 2007.

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See a more vulnerable side of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 9 Trailer and Gameplay

This time Lara will bleed and suffer as she fights to survive.

It’s no secret that gaming websites were all buzzing about the new Tomb Raider. The game was featured in several gaming magazines and is scheduled for release in the autumn of 2012 for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

As you can see in the picture, Lara Croft doesn’t look like she did back in 1996 and actually, according to the new information released by Crystal Dynamics, the developers who took the reins in 2006, no she is not.

Tomb Raider 9 Trailer

This new vision of Lara Croft is a more vulnerable and human character than what we’re all use to. According to Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, Lara Croft will bleed and suffer as she fights to survive. The game is being developed using motion capture technology, which was used in the development of the critically acclaimed crime/thriller video game Heavy Rain), which will allow players to see the pain, anguish, and fear on Lara Croft’s face.

Tomb Raider Gameplay at E3 Event

If you’re still expecting this game to be anything like the originals, don’t you’ll just be horribly disappointed or pissed when this new game finally hits stores. This is a complete reboot, whereas the last reboot still held some ties to the past this one will not. It not only reimagines Lara Croft, who will have very little in common with her previous incarnations, but also the game itself. The developers decided to start completely from scratch, and the storyline of this new game will serve as the new background story for the character.


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