Face Off Max is a great tool to modify and manipulate somebodies portrait with a sense of humor

In case you want to make fun of somebody and eventually post a picture of you innocent victim on your social network account, Face Off Max will fake any body picture with someone else’s head. With its simple processing steps and intuitive interface, faking a picture with Face Off Max is extremely simple and veridic. You just need to choose two base pictures, one with a friend of yours for example and one that should have a body in a hilarious situation. Cut off and crop your friend’s head from the first picture and adjust it to the second one. You can do this operation even if the head and body do not match that’s because Face Off Max offers enough tools to manipulate the picture in order to look real.

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Create easily Polaroid-like photos from your digital images with Pola

Polaroids were for many years trendy photographic toys. There were fun but expensive to use. But guess what! Now, in the digital era, Pola a free standalone application, can transform any image into a polaroid without the use of an actual instant camera. Two clicks are enough to let the application perform the polaroid transformation.

Pola is a minimal tool that supports the drag&drop command which makes the overall polaroid transformation extremely easy to use. Just drag&drop any of your images onto the main window of the program. Automatically a crop editor will appear from where you can select the desired zone of the image to be displayed with the help of a fixed frame. After you are done with cropping your image, push the Shoot! button and in a few seconds a polaroid version of your image will be saved by default as .png in the folder where the original image is.

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