Crave World Clock is a comprehensive time tool

Crave World Clock is a comprehensive time tool that displays the current hour of the major world’s cities on a virtual map with the option to schedule your daily activities based on its information. With Crave Clock you can’t miss your appointments. The included reminder makes it easy to schedule any event to the desired date and time based on any DST settings.

If you just want to have an overall look on a specific city time, you just need to select from a list of cities the one you want. In this way the hour of that city will be displayed in real time on the world’s map. For an expandable look, you can set the program to display the whole world map with the selected cities as a desktop wallpaper. Even in this mode, the hours are controlled directly by the application and displayed in real time.

download Crave World Clock

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HTC Home – a gorgeous animated clock and weather widget for your desktop

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got the big clock and weather forecasting widget on the screen of your Android-powered phone. I’m talking about HTC Sense Clock and Weather Gadget in case you’ve got a HTC mobile phone. Otherwise, there is Fancy Widget and Beautiful Widgets on Android Market which looks and works quite the same. Now, if you like one of those, why not to get HTC Home widget for your Windows desktop?

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Synchronize computer’s clock with Atomic Clock Servers

Absolute Time Corrector (ATC) synchronizes your time settings by comparing it to several atomic clocks (timeservers) on the Internet. The program is configured by default to synchronize your clock every hour, but you can modify this setting. It’s possible to decide whether you want to do an hourly correction, or a simple minutes and seconds correction. You can find out more about Absolute Time Corrector here.

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Talking Alarm Clock – desktop reminder&alarm solution

If it’s a meeting that needs to be reminded of next week, a birthday that needs to be reminded of every year or a web-page that needs to be updated next month, it’s easy with Talking Alarm Clock. You can set an alarm to run once or recurrently (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or you can configured the software to run programs, open web pages, open files or send emails. read full review

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Several Windows 7 Gadgets

A short but interesting post about a few (cool) Windows 7 gadgets:
Alarm Clock
Language Translator (auto translate in 43 languages)
Launch Control (an application launcher)

Try them and tell us your opinion.

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