Mount virtual images with OSFMount

PassMark released a new version of their free mount utility OSFMount. Although it has been released as a major update, at a first look you won’t see any differences in its latest version. But I will show you that OSFMount is actually the most complete mount utility from the market. Let’s see:

Well, first of all, it can be used for programs that require high speed disk access, such as programs which work with a database, or games which use cache files. In general, OSFMount can be useful when a particular CD/DVD is used often and the speed of access is important. Another benefit is the security, considering that the disk contents are not stored on a physical hard disk (but rather in RAM). About the supports extensions, OSFMount can mount files such as: ISO, BIN, IMG, DD, 00N, NRG, SDI, AFF, AFM, VMDK an.d AFD. As I already mentioned, OSFMount is a program that can mount also RAM disks (a disk mounted into RAM), which is the unique feature among the competitors. This means that you can get the fastest access to disc images and the best overall performance of the mounted images.

You can even use OSFMount to create an image of your own. You just have to create the virtual drive, include all the necessary files, and with a simple right-click you can save the content as a virtual image in ISO, IMG, AFF, AFM or AFD formats.

read the full review | download OSFMount

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CDBurnerXP the free burning disc solution

Small, free and ready to use, this is how CDBurnerXP is like. Whether you have to burn or record a CD, DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc, with CDBurnerXP you can achieve that easily. Besides its main feature of burning all kinds of optical discs, with CDBurnerXP you can also save any files or folders compilation into an ISO image or convert any other image format (.bin or .nrg) into a standard ISO file.

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Hamster Free Burning Studio – an attractive app which offers friendly user interface to Burn your CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs

I’ve been using Nero Burnig Rom for a long time, and I have to say that works great overall. However, years after years it has grown to a very complex suite with all kinds of tools and features that I seldom use. Then, I’ve started using the Lite version of Nero witch has most of the features removed, but still enough for what I needed. If you never heard of it, it’s called Nero 9 Lite and it’s free. However, this free version of Nero is quite annoying: comes with the Ask Toolbar, prompts you to buy the full version and so on. Not long ago, I’ve discovered a cute burning software which kept my attention even if it’s in beta phase – Hamster Free Burning Studio.

Find out more reading the full review of Hamster Free Burning Studio or downloading Hamster Free Burning Studio.

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Melomania is the complete music organizer software

If your music collection has grown too big, it’s time to keep record of your CD’s, tapes, vinyls, or LP’s using Melomania, a complete music organizer with lots of features. With Melomania you can catalog you music collection, automatically scan your CD’s or local disks for further audio files, manually enter info regarding new LP’s from tapes or vinyl collections. You can also search for new music info on the internet.

read full review download Melomania

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MediaMonkey – a comprehensive audio files manager with lots of useful additional functionalities

Media Monkey allows you to collect all your music, playlists, podcasts and other audio files altogether from different sources or formats. It doesn’t matter if the audio files are stores outside your computer on a portable device, CD, or on another network connected computer. Media Monkey will manage them all. In case you have music stored on CD’s, the application can rip and store the audio files and can even synchronize with any mp3 player including iPod, iPhone, iRiver or any other generic portable audio devices.

MediaMonkey complete review MediaMonkey download link

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The Hidden Side of the VLC Player

VLC media player is already a popular application among cross-platform users. (yep, it can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows). It’s free, easy to use and can play any audio or video format without the need of any additional codecs (read the review). But besides what we already know, what can VLC do?

  1. It can convert video files from one format to another.
  2. It can rip audio CD’s and DVD’s.
  3. It can detect and suppress sudden jumps in sound (if you choose to do so). Do you know something more about VLC that is out of the common? Let’s see.

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