Create professional greeting cards with Ashampoo Photo Card

ytzwIf there’s one thing that I really don’t like buying, its greeting cards. They’re usually expensive, and don’t get much attention past the initial reading by the recipient. Its too bad, but an unfortunate reality. However, personalized cards, ones made from family photos I think have a better chance of meaning something to friends and loved ones. This is why I really like apps like Ashampoo’s Photo Card. It’s a cool app for Windows.

Ashampoo Photo Card is a fun way to turn your photos into professional looking greeting cards complete with borders and texts in a few clicks. Anyone can do it, really. All you have to do is choose an existing photo, select a theme, edit text on the card and send it.

If needed, you can fine tune and tweak the results. You can adjust the size and brightness of your photos, edit contrast and saturation settings or even mirror and flip your images. Ashampoo Photo Card’s built in tools allow you to do all this and more.


One of the coolest of the app’s features is its webcam support. You can take live pictures and use them to make cards with. This is a great feature when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in your existing cache of photos.

Ashampoo Photo Card, like many of the apps from Ashampoo, is a cool application. Once you have your card created, the app gives you several options to share your work with friends and family. Photo Card supports sharing via Facebook and Picasa; or you can simply email them.

download Ashampoo Photo Card

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How to protect your online identity

Following the security disaster of Sony’s PSNetwork, many gamers and online users have asked themselves what will be the future of the online transactions? What are the ways to counter such illegal attacks and how to protect your own identity? Tony Anscombe, ambassador of Free Products at AVG Technologies, proposed a basic guide for your online security:

  • first you should keep all of your accounts information on a handwritten document. Don’t save this document in your computer, and don’t use the same passwords for all accounts.
  • put aside and use a single pre-paid credit card for all your online transactions, don’t use an ATM card;
  • use Google alerts for any service that maintains your personal data;
  • in case of a hack attack, try to contact the company that’s been hit in order to receive further information and advises;
  • use a security freeze on your credit report;
  • use game cards for specific online games services;

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MSI unleashes the R6870 Hawk with Propeller Blade technology

MSI announces the next-generation Hawk series, the R6870 Hawk graphics card. Equipped with the advanced Twin Frozr III thermal design, the all new R6870 Hawk is the world’s first graphics card to use propeller blade technology. When compared to traditional fans, the air flow is increased by 20%, allowing the GPU temperature to be up to 21 degrees lower. Furthermore, it uses the 8+2 phase PWM design to provide the GPU with 2 times the power supply, along with triple overvoltage functions that allow further evolution of R6870 Hawk’s overclocking capability.

MSI exclusive propeller blade technology: Air flow increased by 20%

The R6870 Hawk is equipped with the advanced version of Twin Frozr III cooling design with the MSI-exclusive propeller blade technology. When compared with traditional fan blade design, it not only increases the air flow by 20%, but the grooved surface on the fan blade further extends the range of air flow, removing more heat generated by the graphics card’s materials and parts. Additionally, dual 8cm PWM fans, SuperPipe technology and a nickel-plated copper base allow the heat to be removed quickly and effectively. When compared to the reference design, the GPU temperature is decreased by up to 21 degrees, completely validating the excellent cooling effects of the next-generation Twin Frozr III thermal design.

Considering the diversity of graphic card users, MSI has developed the exclusive P/S Switch function for users to adjust fan speed between the Performance Mode and Silent Mode. The former emphasizes an enhanced cooling power that can significantly reduce GPU temperature to keep the graphic card at the optimal working condition, while the latter stresses on quiet operations for users to keep noise minimal while playing games or watching a movie. As both modes deliver excellent cooling performance, even the pickiest power users can always keep the environment under control according to their needs.

PWM enhancement and triple overvoltage support Over-clocking potential outbreak
In order to provide users with the optimal display performance, the R6870 Hawk uses the 8+2 phase PWM design. Compared to the 4+1 design for the reference design, it provides twice the power support, increasing overclocking stability. Together with MSI’s exclusive Afterburner overclocking software, the R6870 Hawk supports GPU/Memory/VDDCI triple voltage adjustment, increasing the overclocking potential!

Besides the unique power and voltage design, through V-Check Points users can easily use a multi-meter and monitor the GPU/Memory/VDDCI voltage status. Overclocking is also made easy and simple on the R6870 Hawk by using the Afterburner overclocking software to monitor all aspects of graphics card performance, as well as save up to 5 user-defined overclocking profiles.

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