Test your computer’s power capacity with BenchTown

Auslogics have released a free benchmarking tool that can test your computer power capacity and publish the results on their online service. All you have to do is to install the BenchTown client program and register for free on BenchTown.com. There’s nothing new here, but the way Auslogics designed BenchTown and its online service really impressed me. Everything is user-friendly an requires little to be done from the user point of view.

All you have to do in order to start test your machine is to push the Rate button. The whole process is automatically and takes about 4 – 5 minutes to be completed. The application uses standard stress calculations for each main component of your PC, (CPU, RAM, HDD, VGA). The results will be displayed in the same interface along with an overall mark similar to what 3D Mark has to offer.

Your can also compare your results online with your friends on the BenchTown service. If you don’t have any friends registered on this community, just invite them. You can also view overall charts based on community’s results regarding the type of processor they use, what are the most popular VGA models used, etc.

With BenchTown the testing process becomes simple and fun to analyze even for a casual user. The overall image of his system is no more an enigma due to the comprehensive results and the user-friendly way BenchTown displays them.

download Auslogics BenchTown

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Optimize your Internet connection with Auslogics Internet Optimizer

Let’s face it, most of the applications nowadays don’t do what there are meant to do. There are hundreds of so-called Internet accelerators which are unable to offer any improvements regarding this issue. But Auslogics proves the opposite in releasing a free module included in their latest BootSpeed 5 Suite which really shows the difference in your Internet connection while using it.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer is more of an analyzer that scans your computer and shows what you should change instead of giving a false solution through a ‘speed-up’ button that doesn’t do anything. Besides the MTU and RWIN check, the application knows how to interpret and improve several TCP/IP settings, Winsock options, DNS Cache settings and related IE, Firefox and Opera options. In case you want to proceed to a much more hard-core approach, you can manually browse all these suggestions and apply whatever option you want.

Working with so many variables, there are chances that you can actually get a much slower Internet connection. The good news here is that Auslogics included a Rescue Center which can back-up any of your computer’s former state and restore it whenever you want. So don’t be afraid to try out all its options and scenarios.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer is the one that can truly make a difference in your Internet connection or at least it can provide you with enough information to choose the right solution for your low speed connection.

download Auslogics Internet Optimizer

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What’s actually inside this box we call computer?

So many people have actually no idea about what’s inside their computer. I mean, they have general knowledge about motherboards, CPUs, hard drives and so on. It’s the technical info I’m referring to.

Now, that’s not a bad thing, but sometimes we may need accurate data regarding our hardware or even software in terms of revisions, versions, release dates, you name it.

When in need of info as such, one can useĀ Auslogics System Information. This free application can save you the trouble of opening a computer case and sweeping for serial numbers or so. Just install and run it and you’ll get all the data regarding your precious PC.

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