Launcher Pro – a great alternative to your Android application launcher

I’ve been using Launcher Pro for the past few months and I have to say that I’ve never been this pleased with the smoothness of any other launcher.

What is Launcher Pro? Basically, an alternative to your Android application launcher which adds some exciting features to your device such as 3-D app launcher, super-smooth screen switching, a suite of Sense UI-like widgets, a scrolling dock at the bottom of the screen, and much much more.


Recent changes in the latest version (0.8.5):

For all users:

– Considerably reduced memory usage. Should reduce memory-related FCs.
– LauncherPro Plus Unlocker is now available on the Android Market.

For Plus users:

– New skinning support for LauncherPro widgets! Search and install skins from the market, then go to Preferences > LP Widget Settings, choose the widget that you want to apply the skin to, choose one of your installed skins, and restart LauncherPro.
– Fixed daylight savings time bugs in the Calendar widget.

Note: Launcher Pro Plus is the paid version of the launcher which adds some cool features.

If you’re interested, you can download this application from the Android Market by searching for ‘Launcher Pro’.

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