APP is the world’s first motion picture to feature your mobile as a second screen

2CFILM, a newly founded film company, recently launched its first project. Named APP, the project is actually a motion picture that involves the usage of your mobile as an additional screenYour device will be fully synchronized with the movie in order to receive extra content while watching the movie in your beloved cinema.

APP will be the first film in a series of similar titles produced by 2CFILM to feature this technology. Good news is that this technology will be brought by an application based on  SyncNow® digital watermarking developed by Service2Media and Civolution for iPhone and Android devices.

The movie is about obviously an app that becomes autonomous and dangerous. Nothing new on the narrative side, but the good thing is that the audience will be able to follow a parallel storyline via the app on their mobile phone while still watching the movie. Overall you will get a new dimension of the movie right in your pocket. APP is due for release in the Netherlands on 24 February 2013, and will be distributed by Just Film Distribution.

The partnership between 2CFILM, Service2Media and Civolution  will not end here. They will bring this technology not only in cinemas, but also on DVD’s, television and online TV channels. As Edvard van ‘t Wout, Founder, 2CFILM, states:

App is our first step on to the international stage with our new approach to film, creating commercially-successful films that fit with how today’s audiences consume content and which resonate with the modern world.”

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Take your Windows PC into the cloud with Joli OS

Joli OS is a free and easy way to turn any computer up to 10 years old into a cool new cloud device. Get on the Web and instantly connect to all your Web apps (for example Google Docs or Photoshop Express Editor), files and services using the computer you already own. You may never need to buy a new computer again. It’s easy. Just download Joli OS. It installs in just 10 minutes.

Joli OS comes in two packages: a windows installer which can be run on any computer using the Windows OS, or as an ISO image that can be burned on a disc and installed on any computer without another operating system pre-installed.

Joli OS is actually a part of your Jolicloud account. It replicates everything on your desktop  that you have installed in the Jolicloud account. This means that any installed application through this service will be synced to any other computer that has this OS installed and the content of your computer can be accessed from any web browser. The difference between the online service and its sibling OS is that with Joli OS you can also install traditional desktop apps. The best way to do so is to search the Jolicloud App Store and select any wanted program in order to be downloaded silently in background.

Take a video tour…

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semYOU, the Free App Computing System

semYOU, the free app computing system that makes using software and the Internet much easier, will be available starting today at Local software installation, purchased software and tedious updates are finally a thing of the past. The innovative app computing system from the startup firm semYOU provides the most important functions, including office, entertainment and communication functions, through free cloud computing applications. Every application is just a click away.

semYOU app computing presents a brand-new approach to using software: the large number of free power applications allows all tasks to be completed easily over the Internet through cloud computing – without installation, from any computer in the world. Personal documents, files, music and photos, task lists or notes are available anytime, anywhere. Another advantage: the personalized semYOU desktop looks the same regardless of where login takes place – in the office, at home or at the Internet cafe.

This makes the semYOU app computing system very different from other cloud computing providers, who typically offer only a simple online hard drive. At the core of this new Internet-based operating system lies the free and convenient use of many different applications for home and business customers. semYOU is not only a web desktop, but thanks to its new app store, it’s also a free tool suite with more than 25 different ad-free applications that make buying software unnecessary. Over the next several weeks, more semYOU apps will be released, including an Enterprise Suite with special applications for businesses. Because semYOU is not based on HTML5 but on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, for the first time web applications can offer functions that were previously reserved only for rich client applications.

August 2010 marked the release of the first beta version of semYOU. Since then, the app computing system has been continuously optimized with the help of users. semYOU Version 1.0, released today, consists of a web desktop and an affiliated app store. After login, all applications can be run in three different ways: via the semYOU web desktop, directly via the app store or through a local link on desktop PCs, notebooks or netbooks.

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ES File Explorer for Android

In my epic search to find the most awesome file browser for an Android device, I’ve stumbled upon many programs. But after a couple of weeks of trying most stuff out there, it is in ES File Explorer that I found peace of mind. At least of now…

But why makes it so special? Well, besides regular file operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.; multiple file select; and managing your SD card as well as your internal phone memory structure (with limitations if your phone is not rooted of course), EStrongs offers a bunch of handful tools that really help you with your day to day phone operations.

ES can access local shares inside your network via wireless simplifying interactions between your PC and phone by a lot! No need for cables anymore when transferring files and you can do it anywhere in the range of your WLAN.

In the latest version ES also offers Bluetooth and FTP access, making transfers between devices as easy as you would use a regular network.

Also included are a zip viewer/extractor, a video/audio player, an image and text viewer, and a bunch of on-demand downloadable plugins like Task Manager, Security Manager, Bookmark Manager and more.

ES File Explorer can be found here (official website) or on the app marketplace.

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