Protect your computer from internet threats with Comodo Antivirus

Everyone knows that they’re out there. Viruses. Trojans. Computer threats designed to steal your identity, your information, and your money. Most of us even have a horror story or two about the damage they’ve done. Dozens of antivirus programs exist, with varying prices and different levels of effectiveness.

Comodo Antivirus, a full featured application, offers total PC protection for free. With it you can scan any drive or file, get in-depth reports on viral activity, or detect suspicious files that behave like computer viruses do. You can scan compressed, zip files, where viruses often hide. Comodo Antivirus offers all of this in one attractive user-friendly interface.

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Thoroughly detect and remove even the most advanced malware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malware is, unfortunately, a fact of life today. If you own a computer, if you surf the internet, share files with someone, transport data between the office and your home PC’s, you’re likely going to bump into a bug or two along the way. Some of them can be nothing more than a minor irritation. Most of them, however, can ruin your entire day, or worse, cause you to lose your job because you brought a virus to work.

The best way to protect yourself is with a virus or malware scanner. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a program that provides quality protection. It also comes in a free version that might be right for you.

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Use Prey to track your Android phone or laptop device if stolen or lost

Prey is an open-source anti-theft tool that lets you track your mobile phone or laptop. It’s free to use but there is paid account too for large companies. It works on Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS and Linux. Every version uses a Web control panel and a client which you’ll have to install on your mobile device – anyway, it’s really easy to do so and does not require much configuration.

You might be a little bit in fog right now so let me explain what this application does actually… Well, Prey reads every incoming SMS, and if any contains the activation code (“GO PREY” by default), your phone goes into “missing mode”. At that moment it will try to contact the servers.

In the web interface you can set Prey to send you a SMS in case the thief changes the SIM card or you can make your phone display a message or ring a police-siren alarm and there are a lot more options which I’ll let you find out yourself.

Take a look here if you want to sight up and try Prey.

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