Google’s Android Market gets new look, movies and books

Android Market? We all love it — in the end it is the best source for apps and games for our Android phones.

I personally like the the interface and it’s simplicity, but it feels like there could be more. Oh well, Google felt that too and  they began rolling out an update to the Android Market which gives the app storefront not only a new great look, but also opens the Movie and Book doors to the world for full rental and purchase options.

Thе nеw Market computer іѕ premeditated tο meliorate background crowning apps аnԁ games, vow users wіth аn reinforced UI, аnԁ wage a qυісkеr distinction tο downloading οr purchase уουr products”, wrote Android developer Eric Chu іn a journal post.

Google began updating the Android Market on phones Tuesday for those running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and newer and the update should be available  worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

Note: Books and Movies are available only in the U.S. — at this moment…

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