Windows 8 – Dual Mode UI Dichotomy

Microsoft Should Kill off Desktop Windows

As drastic as this may sound there are some really decent reasons to do this. Here they are in no particular order.

  • Change in computing paradigms to a more mobile model
  • Improved security thanks to hardware limitations
  • Can people REALLY multi-task or not?

This page will take a quick look at the first one in the list.

Change in Computing Paradigms to a More Mobile Model
Thanks to Apple’s iPad, tablets are THE hottest mobile computing model on the market right now. More than any other platform, PC’s and smartphones included, tablet computing is growing by leaps and bounds.  OS publishers are changing their revenue, software release and entire ecosystems to support this latest computing trend.  Tablets are supposed to surpass PC’s in both purchase and deployment just a few years from now, and the market is showing no signs of slowing down.

Tablets are smaller, easier to carry, and provide most if not all of the basic computing power that most enterprise users need when away from their offices. When back at their desks, all they really need is some kind of dock that will give them access to a bigger display, faster, more reliable internet connection and a keyboard and mouse.  The tablet display can even be used to extend their desktop display.

Tablets are more affordable and easier to develop for based on current OS’s (iOS, Android as well as Windows 8 Metro /Windows Phone).  So, they are a more attractive solution from a development as well as an IT/budgetary point of view.  A more mobile model seems to be the better way to go from an enterprise perspective, for these, as well as a number of other reasons.

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