TypeMate is the ideal tool for anyone who has to carry out repetitive typing

Exile Software today announced the release of TypeMate – a tool designed to make repetitive typing a thing of the past.

TypeMate is a typing expander for PCs running Microsoft Windows, which makes typing a breeze by converting shortcut keystrokes into full phrases or sentences.

TypeMate works with almost any Windows application that can accept text input, including Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

In addition, TypeMate is also able to provide suggestions to complete the word that the user is currently typing, and is supplied with both US and UK English dictionaries containing over 110,000 words.

Andy Laird, founder of Exile Software: “As a software developer in the sports photographic industry for over 10 years, I have frequently encountered situations where I’ve needed to do a lot of repetitive typing. TypeMate has been created to solve just this type of problem. I hope that TypeMate makes repetitive typing tasks a thing of the past for all of our customers.”

TypeMate is available for purchase from Soft32 website, at www.soft32.com from just $39.95 for a single-user license. An evaluation version of the software is also available for free download.

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