TrueCrypt the open-source encryptor

TrueCrypt is a free encryption utility designed to keep your data safe from curios eyes and prevent data theft of destruction. With TrueCrypt you can create three types of encrypted volumes: file-hosted (very useful for DropBox users) ,partition/device-hosted or you can encrypt an entire partition or system drive.

While using the services of any backup provider, you need to secure your data before uploading it on their servers. With TrueCrypt you can encrypt and decrypt your files on your computer, so they’re already encrypted prior to being uploaded. That means the backup company can’t access those files, whatever happens. In order to secure your data, you can choose between several strong AES (Advanced encryption Standard) algorithms such as: Rijndael, Serpent or Twofish with up to 256-bit keys and 128-bit blocks.

TrueCrypt is a little bit hard to set up, because of its open-source character, but its functionality will convince you to carry on using it. The biggest advantage, compared to other similar paid-for products, is that with Truecrypt you can encrypt folders much larger than 2GB. Another advantage is the fact that TrueCrypt comes in three editions, one for Windows users, one for Mac users and one for Linux users, so you are not limited to a single operating system. The program can also be used on removable devices, such as a USB Flash drive. No installation is required on such a device. It is enough to unzip the content of the downloaded archive and copy the directory named ‘Setup files’ onto the removable drive.

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