Transfer your files and settings with Windows Easy Transfer when switching to a new PC

If you’re switching to a new PC, there is probably no better way to transfer your files, email, pictures, and settings than using Windows Easy Transfer. The redesigned version (which is also integrated in Windows 7) is to be more reliable and more helpful.

It now includes a file explorer so you can easily choose exactly which files to copy to your new PC. And if Windows finds a file or setting it can’t work with, your transfer won’t hang up—it will finish and give you a full report of anything that didn’t migrate. Moreover, the program allows you to transfer your data using an Easy Transfer Cable, removable media, or across a network.

The best way to find out how can you use Windows Easy Transfer is by watching the video below…

Note: If your old PC isn’t running Windows 7, download one of the appropriate version of Windows Easy Transfer for your OS:

For Windows XP: download 32-bit | download 64-bit

For Windows Vista: download 32-bit | download 64-bit

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