The Gaming Report – Kinect’s First “Sex” Game?

Come on! You knew it, I knew it… Everybody knew it! Sooner or later someone had to start try to make a sex game out of it! Sure, you’re massaging air, but at least you do it with your hand, not with your mouse…

Popular sex game maker ThriXXX is experimenting with Microsoft’s new motion controller toy – the Kinect – in order to give players a fresh new perspective on games.

This early technology preview you are about to see uses the Kinect motion controller (of course), the open source drivers library for it, and runs on Windows 7.

Also note: this video has been taken offline from Youtube several times, so I don’t know how long it will stay up… Enjoy it while you can (or just do a search, I’m sure some good-hearted Samaritan will re-post it under a different account).

Enjoy your groping!

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