Take your Windows PC into the cloud with Joli OS

Joli OS is a free and easy way to turn any computer up to 10 years old into a cool new cloud device. Get on the Web and instantly connect to all your Web apps (for example Google Docs or Photoshop Express Editor), files and services using the computer you already own. You may never need to buy a new computer again. It’s easy. Just download Joli OS. It installs in just 10 minutes.

Joli OS comes in two packages: a windows installer which can be run on any computer using the Windows OS, or as an ISO image that can be burned on a disc and installed on any computer without another operating system pre-installed.

Joli OS is actually a part of your Jolicloud account. It replicates everything on your desktop  that you have installed in the Jolicloud account. This means that any installed application through this service will be synced to any other computer that has this OS installed and the content of your computer can be accessed from any web browser. The difference between the online service and its sibling OS is that with Joli OS you can also install traditional desktop apps. The best way to do so is to search the Jolicloud App Store and select any wanted program in order to be downloaded silently in background.

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