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SM_Reviver_256x256If not all, than 99% of the people using Windows 8 complained about the missing Start Button/Menu in desktop mode. I like the design of the latest Windows installment, but i’m not quite impressed by the Modern UI usability, and for a PC user it’s not quite what he needs from a common Windows OS. So, while we are waiting for the release of Windows 8.1, with the announced super feature (Start Button), we can try a few third parties software to enhance our Windows 8 computers. I’ve tried all kind of software in the quest of bringing back the Start menu, and I stopped at Start Menu Reviver.
What I liked most about this is the speed and the usability of the Start menu that this software integrates within Windows 8. This program is combining the W8 graphic design with the good old W7 start menu features. The eye-candy look attracted me at the first glance, and only afterwards the functional features caught my attention.

Quick search and shutdown are graphically integrated in the menu, combined with an extendable feature where you can see all the desktop applications (and you can choose what applications you can find there). Many other quick launch features and the fact that is 100% customizable, is making the Start Menu Reviver, my favorite W8 Start Menu application. I consider this application far better than what the Microsoft developers can do with the next release of Windows.

As the description of the program says, the application is also an enhancer for W7 Star menu, so I tested it on W7 too, and it’s almost the same. Very few features are different, but even if I like the modern UI graphics, I consider it a feature for Windows 8, and Windows 7 it’s good just the way it is.

If you’re missing the Start menu, this is the best free application for reviving it in your Windows 8. It is very light and you can customize it as you wish. What applications to be displayed there, colors, quick settings, everything. After all, it’s all up to you to make your computer’s OS as you wish!

download Start Menu Reviver

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