Review – Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Devices – This is NOT a refreshed Device Manager from legacy versions of Windows. Windows 8 Devices manages peripherals and other computer devices that connect to your computer via USB or that communication with your PC via your wired or wireless network.

Wireless – The most surprising thing here is the implementation of Airplane Mode.  Windows 8 will allows you to control all of your wireless devices – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. – from one single location.

Ease of Access – Microsoft has always provided ways for persons with capability challenges  to use computers powered by their operating systems. Windows 8 is no exception, and they’ve brought all of these kinds of settings together in one place in Windows 8.

Sync Your Settings – As I mentioned before, once you set a Windows 8 PC up – at the office, at home, etc. – you will have the same setup regardless of PC or location. This makes it easy for your to move from one PC, one location, to another and continue working right where you left off.

Sync Your Settings – If you’re using Windows 8 on a paid connection, say a roaming cellular network, you can specifically choose to sync or not sync your settings with your centralized account. This is a new feature in Windows 8 and speaks directly to the implementation of built in, mobile broadband.

HomeGroup – Windows 8 continues Windows 7’s implementation of secured, HomeGroup network and data shares.  You can change your network sharing preferences here to help protect your private data.

Windows Update – This popular Microsoft tool continues to evolve, and has been updated in Windows 8. While its still possible to manually check for updates, Microsoft’s OS and patching platform clearly tries to take the worry and effort out of keeping your PC current.  The OS is designed to download, run and install any and all patches, updates and malware scanning tools without your direct intervention.

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